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Nitrotel and FireFold announce strategic distribution partnership for the US Market

Miami, FL & Concord, NC - August, 2019

Nitrotel, a leading provider of network infrastructure solutions, and FireFold, a leading North American distributor of high quality technology products, have announced a strategic partnership in which FireFold has become the Master Distributor for the US Market of Nitrotel's complete portfolio of network infrastructure products. This alliance brings together the High Quality & Performance products from Nitrotel with the World Class Service and Logistics provided by FireFold for a Powerful Synergy which will undoubtedly benefit the actual market attended by providing installers and contractors with maximum flexibility and convenience.

Nitrotel is one of the most esteemed networking companies known for their networking devices that range from data cables and optical fibers to data cables, optical fiber cables to communication equipment as well racks and mount cabinets. By providing networking solutions for all kinds of smart offices, buildings, and data centers, this networking company continues to reign in the world of telecommunication.

Not only this, but the company has designed various equipment holders such as the nitrotel racks to store the fragile wiring and extra compartments of the electronic devices such as servers, desktops, and other computer hardware.

Wall Mount Cabinets

Nitrotel provides you with top-of-the-brand wall mount cabinets to store your special telecommunication equipment. They are customized, come in multiple sizes, and upgrades to guarantee a good airflow in order to avoid overheating of your electronic hardware and, of course, ensure secure storage. With a sleek design, metallic structure, the wall mount cabinet is perfect for storing all sorts of electronic devices.

Nitrotel specializes in designing such metallic enclosures that allow a secure storage area for equipment and counterparts used for telecommunication in remote areas. You can use these wall mount cabinets as wall mount tv to store the TV wires or any other wires of attached devices. The nitrotel racks are extensively used for housing and network equipment, including patch panels and keystone wall plate inserts.

Server Racks

They can also be used as server racks to mount servers in the frame. The telecommunication equipment can be mounted vertically or horizontally to save up on space and allow easy access to the electronic hardware. The server racks will ensure sufficient airflow to the devices while working and prevent them from getting overheated. Moreover, since the equipment will be stored in a proper wire, there will be no need to worry about tangled or broken wires.

There's hardly any room for doubt left, considering the superior quality of nitrotel racks and other wall cabinets. Nitrotel specializes in making panels, racks, and cabinets that will ensure that your expensive and prized hardware is kept away safely and in a very organized manner.

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