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Types of Ethernet Cable

In terms of appearance, ethernet cables appear somewhat bulky compared to the conventional telephone wires. However, the objective is unique and different; an Ethernet cable is installed for improving the strength of the internet connection and boosting net speed.


There are numerous Ethernet cable types available in the market, each being identified with the code “CAT,” followed by a unique digit. The top-selling cables are: -

CAT 5 Cable can deliver Internet speed up to 100 megabytes, operating at 100 MHz

CAT 5e Cable can deliver Internet speed up to 1 gigabyte, operating at 100 MHz

CAT 6 Cable can deliver Internet speed up to 10 gigabytes, operating at 250 MHz

CAT 6a Cable can deliver Internet speed up to 10 gigabytes, operating at 500 MHz

Which Ethernet Cable Is Right for You?

The simplest way to determine which cable is best for you is to conduct an internet speed test to gauge the connection speed or you can contact your Internet Service Provider to know the maximum net speed available and subscribe to it. Once you know the connection speed, select and install any of the above-mentioned cable types for best results.

The Right Length


The cables vary considerably in terms of length, maximum up to 100 meters, with no repeaters in between to complete the network. As a rule of thumb, never get an Ethernet whose length is less than 10 feet.

The cost of a Cat 5 Cable ranges from 17 cents to 75 cents per foot, depending on the quality and the cable quantity you want. Whereas the price of Cat 6 Cable ranges from $2.74 to $3.42 per foot. However, don’t think about paying more for a 10 feet cable, as the price becomes more reasonable with increase in cable length quantity.

It is invariably recommended to have a cable that is a little longer than expected, because there might be a scenario where you have to reroute the connection if the initial connection plan doesn’t work out. So, paying out a few extra bucks for the additional cable length will save you from a lot of trouble in the long run.

Cable Protection - Shielding and Jacket

Shielding inside the Ethernet network cable protects the wire layers from degradation of the signal and interface. It is important to ensure that the Internet connectivity remains smooth and free of any distortions all the time. This factor is also essential when you want to run more than one cable simultaneously.

The second form of protection is the jacket, which covers the cable’s body. It ensures that the cable runs undamaged throughout the house, even while routing.


So, in a nutshell, the more robust the jacket is, the longer the cable will last.

The high-grade PVC-jacket Ethernet network cables are the best and most durable cables you can find in the market. So don’t buy an inexpensive jacket to save money as the cable may break easily due to poor quality of the jacket.

Where to Buy

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