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What is Plenum Cable?
Plenum Cable

What is Plenum Cable?

More than likely if you're wondering what it is, it's because it's popped up in your building restrictions as a requirement. Or maybe you were just browsing for networking cable and were wondering why this type of cable seemed to be so much more expensive than other types of data cable.

Why would I need Plenum Cable?

Building restrictions will often call for the use of Plenum cable in construction. There are several grades of in-wall cable, including CL2 and CL3 rated cable. However, if your building code requires Plenum, these cannot be substituted. Plenum is your only option.

What makes it Plenum-rated?

Plenum cable is cable that has been manufactured with a special fire-retardant jacket. This jacket burns slower in the event of a fire and may emit less smoke than standard PVC jackets. It is regulated by the National Fire Protection Association. This special jacket is the reason Plenum cable is usually more expensive than cables with standard PVC jackets. These cables can also be used without conduit, thanks to the fire-retardant jacket. So while you may be spending more on the actual cable, at least you can save by not having to purchase conduit. (Check your locality's building restrictions to ensure this is allowed.)

What does it all mean?

The word "Plenum" actually refers to the air handling spaces above ceilings where these types of cables might be run. These spaces are often used to direct airflow from AC units and other building ventilation. It is sometimes also referred to as CMP cable, which simply means "Communications Plenum".

Where can I find Plenum Cable?

FireFold offers several different types of Plenum cable, including Bulk CAT5E Plenum Cable, Shielded Bulk CAT5E Plenum Cable, Bulk CAT6 Plenum Cable, Plenum VGA Cables, and Plenum HDMI Cables. Of course, Plenum Cable comes with the same warranty and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that accompany all of FireFold's cables. So buy with assurance.
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