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Top 8 Gaming Accessories of 2024 To Invest In
“Top Rated Gaming Accessories” - your search engine must be familiar with this one right? It is undebatable that every gaming enthusiast is looking for the best gaming accessories of 2024, trying to get hold of them while the new years’ sales and deals breathe their very last. And why wouldn’t they? Gaming is becoming a recognized sport and this indulgence demands just as much investment as any other endeavor. 

PC gaming is a huge market and as per trends, three-quarters of all Americans have at least one gamer in their household. This means that the inclination of the target audience towards gaming and the rising interest in the industry is dictating it to be more fast paced, dynamic and competitive. Some people also indulge in gaming to monetize what they enjoy doing. What does all of this mean? This means that the advancements of the gaming world imply a need for up to date equipment, a proper gaming gear and of course an understanding of why that matters. 

Good gaming gear or gaming accessories matter because gaming requires miraculously quick reflexes and a knack for accuracy. Irrespective of the kind of gaming one is interested in, all sorts of games including the ones with simulations, strategies and whatnot. But sometimes, human reflexes and attention to details actually need a sidekick – something to support the natural motor coordination and reflexes. Gaming enthusiasts who understand the need for efficient hand-eye coordination know that equipment such as headsets, controllers and monitors are critical to excel in the vocation. Excellence is everyone's dream and for those who dream to be renowned gamers, it comes with a little investment.  

So here we are, with our list of top 8 gaming accessories you just can’t miss this year. Take our word on it and you won’t regret the investment!


  • A Comfortable Gaming Chair

It all comes down to comfort and ease. Whether you have an office job, work at a bar, have studies to complete or are a homemaker, the one thing you need constantly is a comfortable chair, accessible to you whenever needed. Gaming is no exception. 

Buying a cheap gaming chair has never helped anybody. In fact, it has only caused them back problems, unwanted health issues and an unnecessary repulsion towards gaming. Its obvious, not enjoying what you love only makes you upset about it. So, for a gamer, the first and foremost investment suggestion this year is a comfortable gaming chair. 

Gaming Chair for Gamers

Its fair to say that DXRacer, MooreCo and Essentials Lap bring some of the top picks of this year. Particularly because they are ergonomically friendly and best for gamers. Based on amazing ergonomics, ideal designs, posture correction assembly and a sturdy built, these chairs are selling fast and also definitely turning the heat up. It's important to understand that good gaming accessories, especially chairs, do not usually have comparable prices. They may be on the higher end but are definitely worth the money because let's face it, lumbar support, non-wobbly mobility, multi-adjustable arm-rests, upholstery, and modern style are important factors to elevate your gaming accent and personal comfort and these features aren't cheap. Nonetheless, if you are going to spend hours on a chair, gaming your way through everything, you would need quality gaming accessories and this year, comfortable chairs top the list!

  • A Gaming Headset

Headsets are unimportant – said no gamer ever.

Headsets are expected to be one of the most popular gaming accessories this year. Why? Because a gamer realizes that good gaming headsets allow a gamer to pinpoint the spatial positioning of sound effects much more accurately than through ordinary speakers and with so many new technologies aboard, providers like Firefold are offering a variety of headsets, ready to set the gaming world on fire. Headsets like the dreamGEAR X-Talk Solo, HyperX Cloud II and Velocilinx Brennus VXGM-HS71S-21O-BK 7.1 are some of the gaming accessories everyone is looking forward to. These are all-rounder headsets that combine an ergonomic design for comfort as well as noise cancellation, ultra-refined sound and stereo positional cues for zealous gamers.  

Gaming Headset for Gamers

What makes gaming headsets worth investing in is the fact that they almost definitely and most drastically improve your gaming performance in action, strategy based and squad gaming endeavors. With good sound quality, all-day comfort, build quality and a great microphone, these headsets are ready to give you an experience of a lifetime. 

  • HD Monitor

One of the smartest gaming accessories investments this year would be HD monitors. Having the right display is vital in games where being able to spot and identify targets quickly is the key to survival. So any action game then. A screen with low input lag (the time it takes for the TV to display what your games machine sends to it) gives you vital milliseconds to line up a shot or move to cover. The sweet spot is a lag of 20 milliseconds, but anything over 30ms is a problem.

You might think the best option would be a 65-inch LED monster with stacks of high-end image-enhancing technology – but you’d be wrong. A truly worthwhile gaming accessories investment would be a monitor providing crystal-clear visual information and much slicker spatial movement and awareness. This year’s top picks according to tech critiques are Asus, LG, Dell and Acer along with Nvidia’s G-Sync and AMD’s Freesync technologies that are making visuals look next to real.

LED for Gamers

Now, we don’t often realize that gamers need more than just super monitors. They need monitor installation accessories too. One very important accessory is a good wall mount. Gone are those days when mounts were boring and just fixed at one angle, today without latest and most loved picks, you can enjoy an experience of a lifetime. 

For gaming enthusiasts, Fireforld has the Rhino Brackets Fully Adjustable Dual VESA LCD Monitor Desktop Bracket  as well as the Middle Atlantic MM3 series that give you the ease of installation while also getting bonus brownie points for encompassing novel adjustable mounting properties. 

  • Stereo Speakers

Surround sound technology is all the hype in 2024 and so are stereo speakers as supportive gaming accessories worth investing in. Why? Well, to begin with stereo speakers practically allow players to localize opponents and potential danger by sound as well as by sight. Many PC games like Assassins Creed offer impressive surround soundtracks that may as well be a bonus for gaming enthusiasts to look into this offering. However, what remains most noteworthy is that stereo speakers that top our list are THX certified. 

What's THX?

“THX is an acronym for "Tomlinson Holman's eXperiment." Holman created THX while he was working with Lucasfilm studio to devise a new standard for audio reproduction. This standard ensures quality and uniformity across all theater systems that would play the company's audio.”

Stereo Speakers

Not only that, this certification implies a more realistic, much more distinct, separated sound for all purposes whether it is gaming itself or listening to music while gaming. This year, our top picks in this category of gaming accessories are Logitech Z623 and Bose Companion 2 series III. While these dominate the market, gamers have also rated the current AudioAX-MINI4 4 Zone Streaming Multi Room Audio System that comes with  4 pairs CS650FL 6.5" In-ceiling Signature Series Speakers as by far the best for gamers. This bundle pack available at Firefold allows an overall unmatched experience to the enthusiasts that like to enjoy the audio effects to couple with the visual gaming experience their monitors provide them. 

Nonetheless, most speakers require installation aids too. At Firefold we have seen gamers rush to buy the  Keystone Jack - Stereo Coupler (72-310-IV) that allow extension of stereo cables for gamers to enjoy a good sound whether they choose to set the speakers closer to the system or far apart to give a surround sound effect!

  • Wireless Gaming Keyboard

IOGEAR Kaliber and Velocilinx are showing some serious dedication in bringing excellently built mechanical keyboards that do more than just plastic dot membrane controlling buttons. But is that enough for a gamer? Not really. Gaming accessories today are all about ease and convenience.  Keeping that in view, an ideal gaming keyboard would be the one with dedicated media buttons, apt key distance and placement, prompt response, accurate commanding and WIRELESS design. 

Gaming Keyboard 2021

Who even has the time or the nerve to deal with keyboard wires dwindling while a crucial Call of Duty Match is on? 

Whether you wish to sit on your couch, decide to detach yourself from the PC table or use the bed as your gaming forte, a wireless keyboard is absolutely necessary and we're placing our bets on them for being the top rated gaming accessories to buy this year. Some names you would want to look into are:


  • Pin-Point Accurate Gaming Mouse

We’ve established by now that specialized hardware can most definitely make gaming more special and enjoyable. Mice in this regard are super powerful. Names like Adesso Laser Pinpoint Mouse and Velocilinx Optical Gaming Mouse are surfacing for having handling ability of up to 12,000 dpi (dots per inch) which is both insane, as well as crucial to match the gaming dynamics today. For a good mouse, comfort, accuracy and response time is critical. While comfort and response time has already been the top selling points of companies who deal in gaming mice, pin point accurate gaming mouse has now upped the game for some providers. With optical sensors, the names mentioned above are bringing life to little controllers. And we believe, these are gaming accessories you must not miss this year!

Gaming Mouse for Pros
  • A 1080p Webcam

Moving on, we have affordable webcams on the must have list. You might not be big on sharing your identity in the global virtual gaming world but if you ever decide to go squad gaming or need a gaming accessory especially to cater to your live streaming needs to build a career, we have you covered. 

1080p Webcam

This year, based on reviews and consumer experience, our vote is for the j5create and Ultimo 1080p webcams Both of these make a solid 1080p choice. This is because they are equipped with built-in lights that save space that mounted key lights take up. On the higher end of the price scale, the Logitech StreamCam also sits at a slightly lower number on our list because, while it's undoubtedly flashy, it's also incredibly versatile and boasts superb picture quality. 

What's more?

  • A Fast Wifi Router

Endeavor Is there anything even possible without wifi? And better yet, without a fast wifi? You need not spend hours whining about the bandwidth or the speed that keeps putting you off. Get a fast Wifi router and you’re all set for gaming.  But do you really need gaming accessories like this one? Undoubtedly. The reason is that the internet connections we have at homes rarely get a server connection faster than approximately 30 milliseconds. If you are a gamer, you’d know what that means. It means gamers hardly ever get a real time experience. For home wifis, 50-100 milliseconds is more common. Investing in a fast wifi router would actually do any gamer a favor. A better, faster router can improve the connection from your ISP’s modem connection to your computer or console, either over Wi-Fi or with a more reliable Ethernet connection. Providers are legit offering an enormous selection of routers that will be unmistakably a good gaming accessories investment for you this year. Head to Firefold like multi-brand platforms and devour on the product line that’s revolutionizing the real time gaming experience.

WiFi Router

Makeup lovers invest in trending makeup. Programmers indulge in learning new softwares and buying them. Sportsmen buy new gears and tech enthusiasts dig out the best gadgets every year to engage in their passion to their heart's content. Esports and gaming should not be an exception. 

An investment in the top rated gaming accessories can help you build on your career as a gamer. After all, not everyone plays for entertainment. There are a number of avenues that one may explore and having the right gaming accessories at an arm's length can prove to be very helpful. 

Head to your favorite gaming equipment website and bag deals that you won’t regret availing. Our go to is Firefold. An affordable name amidst the spiking gadget prices menace. There’s no rush, the year has just started. But there isn’t a delay either. So why wait? Prioritize your investment and let the gamer in you fully rejoice!
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