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Tools Homeowners Should Own
For a novice or new homeowner, there are several upgrades and purchases to take into account when you decide to carry out maintenance or improvements to your house. This may range from overhauling a whole room to fixing an old door and installing a new sink. Your first concern as a homeowner should be obtaining the tools to develop an appropriate home repair tool kit. Buying good, fundamental tools early in advance is a brilliant investment idea that will give back dividends in the form of money and time. Here are some essential tools that homeowners must have:


It all begins here, yet many people ignore the inevitability of having it for their tools. Your initial toolbox can be simple, small, and inexpensive. A metal or plastic box with handles will work perfectly, as does a 5-gallon bucket lined on the inside with canvas to hold the tools on the sides. Without a central storeroom, even the best tools become scattered inside random drawers, basements, garage shelves, or other areas. Then, as your tool collection expands, you may opt to purchase a larger and sturdier one. A tool bag with many compartments and pockets is also ideal to organize things. Also, consider a toolkit with all of the essentials already in it.


Purchase a hammer with a comfortable grasp. A vibration-dampening coating on the handle can also be of great assistance. Select a model that has a claw in the shape of a hooked claw or straight claw, as you will most likely use it for demolition on occasions apart from pounding nails. Ensure that the hammer has a smooth head as opposed to checkered or dimpled to avoid nail slippage and surface damage.

Screwdriver set

Invest in a high-standard mixed set with different types of Philips head and flat head sizes. Magnetic heads are an advantage, but make sure you have a Ziploc bag or a pouch to maintain them in the event your drivers set does not include storage. Understandably, certain people prefer using screwdriver bits together with their cordless electric drills in order to make items push-button simple.


Pliers are necessary for firmly holding small objects when you want to control them. With enough application of torque, they can pinch, bend, or pull metals into shape. Ensure that you acquire an excellent set, including combination pliers, locking pliers, and long-nose pliers to fully cover your wants. Once you are more comfortable with renovations, you will most likely want a wire stripper included in your set of pliers to assist you with electrical projects.

Utility knife

You will be surprised at the number of uses that a high-quality utility knife has. It performs all the tasks, including opening heavily-taped boxes and bags, slicing away carpet edges, and scraping away paint or resin that may restrict your window from opening or closing with ease.


This is one tool that no homeowner will want to miss. A hacksaw can come in handy when you want to slice through plastic and metal pipes, and to cut wood trim. Make sure that outfitting it with new blades is easy before purchasing your brand of choice, and together with it, buy extra blades as their edges dull quickly.

Measuring tape

Whether you are looking to improve a whole room or planning on replacing an installed appliance like a wall oven, a measuring tape or a level is a very valuable tool. For a start, go with the easy-locking 3/4 –inch-wide model. Fatter tape measures can be overkill while skinnier ones may easily be misplaced.
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