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Product Spotlight: Kendall Howard Racks and Rack Accessories
Product Spotlight Kendall Howard The quality of your office or home security racks and accessories is of the utmost importance. Servers, computers, and network accessories are extremely expensive machines that should be protected with high-quality equipment. Servers face a number of different threats from overheating to potential damage from water exposure, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. The failure to protect your servers, computers and network accessories could prove quite costly. The bottom line is that you should do everything in your power to mitigate the risk of damage. Kendall Howard sells some of the industry's best server racks and network accessories. Each and every Kendall Howard product is made in the United States of America. Whether you need a full-size server rack, a wall mount cabinet or a piece of technical furniture such as a Performance LAN Station, Kendall Howard's extensive inventory will meet your demands. The company formed in the spring of 2000 and has exceeded customer expectations across the past decade and a half.

How Kendall Howard has Separated Itself From the Pack

Kendall Howard's self-proclaimed mission is to help IT managers, network engineers, and computer enthusiasts find a better way to store and protect networking equipment. The vast majority of Kendall Howard network accessories are sold with a limited lifetime warranty that provides buyers with an invaluable peace of mind. Furthermore, the company actually listens to its customers. Kendall Howard engineers and executives really do pay close attention to feedback from installers, IT personnel, and network specialists. The company is squarely focused on building relationships with customers that stand the test of time. While competing companies are content to roll out marginally improved server racks year after year, Kendall Howard strives to be dynamic. The company's products really do evolve to accommodate customer desires and improvements in technology. You should not hesitate to trust Kendall Howard products to house your servers and networking equipment.

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How This Guide can Help

FireFold is proud to carry a number of Kendall Howard's best products. Our team is in agreement that each Kendall Howard creation would make an excellent addition to your office or home. Yet we narrowed our focus on the company's premier products to accommodate our customer's needs and desires. This is precisely why we offer a lifetime limited warranty on nearly all of the Kendall Howard network accessories sold on our website. Use this guide as a resource to help you pinpoint the Kendall Howard products that will improve the efficiency and safety of your IT equipment. Do not hesitate to click the links below to visit each product's unique web page or find your way to other Kendall Howard products.

Full-Size Racks/Enclosures

Kendall Howard offers three full-size racks / enclosures: an uber-durable 2-post open frame server rack, a spacious 4-post open frame server rack, and traditional server cabinets. The company's server cabinets look quite sharp and function without flaw. Chock full of the most coveted rack features, Kendall Howard server cabinets are ideal for network servers, switching banks, battery backups and just about any other type of large network equipment. Each Kendall Howard open frame rack is built with heavy duty steel. You might be surprised to learn that you can assemble one of these formidable server racks with the application of a few bolts. Furthermore, these open frame racks can be easily adjusted to accommodate your organization's idiosyncratic networking equipment. The 2-post open frame is capable of supporting an astonishing weight of 800 pounds so don't worry about loading it up with your routers, patch panels, switches and beyond. The racks are also designed with six possible anchor points to maximize stability.

Recommended Full-Size Racks/Enclosures

We have grown partial to the Kendall Howard 3170-3-001-37 LINIER 37 Unit (37U) Open Frame Server Rack for a variety of reasons. It features a wide open design that allows for ample air flow to prevent overheating. This server rack also has cage nut style rails that can be quickly and easily adjusted for a wide range of mounting depths. There are four conveniently placed knockouts for cables to pass through without encumbering your server in any manner. Unlike most of our other cabinets, this one is designed without front or side panels to permit unimpeded access and the maximization of air flow. Its pre-installed casters allow you to roll it to anywhere you desire without breaking a sweat. It even comes with a five-year limited warranty to boot.

Rack Accessories

Kendall Howard rack accessories are quite diverse in terms of purpose as well as style and size. Look no further than Kendall Howard's lineup of network equipment sundries if you need a rack shelf, rack rail kit, rackmount keyboard tray, rackmount drawer, caster, filler panels / spacer blanks, fan, hardware or cable management solutions.

Recommended Rack Accessories

The Kendall Howard 1908-3-001-02 Triple Fan Panel is one of the company's premier accessories as it has the potential to preserve the integrity of valuable networking equipment. Built with three high-speed fans and a 3U heavy-gauge steel, this panel significantly increases air flow. The Kendall Howard 1908-3-001-02 Triple Fan Panel can be connected to any rack or cabinet that is 19" and EIA compliant. Perhaps you desire improved mobility for one of your server racks. Look no further than the Kendall Howard 0014-2-004-00 Portable Rack Locking Caster Kit. Built with durable swivels and a locking mechanism to hold your rack in place, this caster kit greatly ameliorates the transport of your bulky networking equipment. Each of its ball-bearing wheels can support up to 200 pounds. You won't have to worry about these casters damaging your floor as Kendall Howard built them with polyurethane. It is also worth noting that this caster kit adds 4" to your rack's height.

Technical Furniture

Kendall Howard's technical furniture will ameliorate your quest for computer equipment organization and protection. Perhaps you are in search of a professional-looking work table with a locking enclosure that protects your computing equipment. Kendall Howard's ACTT training tables are the perfect solution. Or maybe you need a station / workbench to organize your network accessories and their unruly cables. Look no further than Kendall Howard's Performance LAN stations and CPU holders.

PC Security

If you are on the prowl for equipment that will protect your computer, DVR surveillance system or modular payment device, Kendall Howard has you covered. The company provides PC security solutions ranging from POS payment device stands to DVR security lock boxes and PC/LD security stands. Each is built with a user-friendly design and durable materials. Almost all of these security solutions are available in varying sizes to accommodate the unique dimensions of your workspace.

Wall Mount Racks / Cabinets

Those who are in need of a wall mount rack or cabinet can choose from Kendall Howard's open frame wall mount racks, wall mount cabinets (including a swing-out version), wall mount shelves and patch panel brackets. The company's wall mount cabinets allow you to mount your networking equipment in just about any open space above the floor. Some models feature solid doors while others are built with vented doors or glass doors. Other features include locking side panels and / or locking doors, a weight capacity of 250 pounds or more and high-quality mounting rails. Most models are designed with a handy 90-degree swing-out that empowers you to install and manage cabling, routers, switches, hubs and other networking equipment with ease.

Recommended Wall Mount Racks / Cabinets

If you are looking for a way to make more efficient use of your limited space, the Kendall Howard 3130-3-001-12 12 Unit (12U) Swing-Out Wall Mount Cabinet is the answer. Mount it to your wall and you will enjoy easy access to your networking equipment. It has 12U worth of space and a 90-degree swing-out ability that allows for immediate access to the rear of your server. This wall mount cabinet is also designed with adjustable rails that move in one-inch increments. Other niceties include removable side panels, a reversible glass door, locking side panels / doors and laser knock-outs that allow you to feed copper / fiber optic cabling without a hassle.
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