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How to Hook Up XBox 360 to a TV
Hooking up your Xbox 360 to a television or monitor should be very simple. Most televisions are equipped to host the Xbox 360, but be careful to figure out what type of monitor you have so that you can purchase the correct connectors for the job.

Using HDMI cables

If you are using a newer version of the Xbox 360, the system should include an HDMI cord. HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface and is used with high-definition screens. This is a much more preferred connection to the television, as it requires only one cord and the visuals are much nicer. For this version, simply connect the HDMI cable to the back of your Xbox 360 console, and into the corresponding HDMI input on your television or other screens.

Using Component HD A/V cables

These cables are compatible with high-definition monitors, as well as regular televisions and screens. On these cords, you will visually notice six connectors: two red, one green, one blue, one white, and one yellow. 1. If you are connecting to a regular television, match the red, yellow, and white connectors to the television. (These represent audio and video connectors). 2. If you are using a high-definition monitor, use all connectors except the yellow connector. 3. After this is completed, connect the other end of the cable to the A/V port found on your Xbox 360 console. Once you have connected all of these cords, turn on your television and Xbox 360. Be sure to check that the input you are on is correct. For this setup, select the "Video" input.

Using VGA HD A/V Cables

Depending on the monitor you are using, some televisions will require you to purchase cables separately to hook up your Xbox 360. Cables like these will be in that category since they are not sold with Xbox 360's. 1. Connect the A/V connector to the A/V port on your Xbox 360 console. 2. Connect the VGA connector to the VGA port on your television or screen. 3. Connect the red and white connectors to the port on your television as well. As with the HD A/V component cables, once these are all connected, turn on your television and your Xbox 360 console. Also, check that you are on the correct input on the television, which will be "Video" input.

Using Standard Composite A/V Cable

1. Connect your A/V connector to the A/V port on your Xbox 360 console. 2. Connect your colored connectors to their corresponding ports in the television or monitor. The red and white connectors are for audio; the yellow connector is for video. If you are unsure, the red connector will be connecting to the ""Right channel analog audio", and the white connector will be connecting to the "Left channel analog audio". Note: Some televisions only possess one audio input, so it is acceptable to put either the red or white connector in, and leave the other out. As usual, turn on your television and Xbox 360 console, and make sure that your input is set to "Video" input.

SCART Adapter

1. Plug A/V connectors into their corresponding colors on the SCART adapter. 2. Plug the A/V cable and adapter into the SCART adaptor port. Similarly, turn on your television and Xbox 360 console.
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