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How to Hide TV Wires for a Wall Mounted TV
A flat-screen TV mounted on the wall is a good-looking sight. Besides the better picture and quality sound that the TV adds to the house, it also clears up the floor space, becomes part of the house decorations and provides a good viewing area. However, if the wires and cables of your wall mounted TV are still hanging, the desired effect may not be accomplished. To create a clean and uncluttered look, you need to hide the wires and the cables. This will make your flat-screen TV another beautiful frame on the wall. Below are a few tips on how to hide TV wires for a wall mounted TV.
How to Hide Wires for a Wall Mounted TV

Making Use of Cable Covers

If you don’t want to mount your TV on the wall, you can always make use of cable covers to hide TV wires. You’ve got your wiring all done! Now, you need an easy way to hide your cables and make everything look nice and tidy. Look no further than our various cable covers! They come made in PVC type material or aluminum from a couple of great companies. Most are white and paintable, so you can customize them to fit your own current decor. Or, consider a cord cover kit to make things neater.

How to Hide TV Wires While Mounting Your TV

Before you mount your TV on the wall, make sure the wall is suitable for hiding wires. Determine if the wall is right for an inside wall system. It should be an interior wall made of drywall for easy cuts. There should be limited amounts of insulation in the area designated for mounting and no horizontal beams blocking access. How to Hide Wires for a Wall Mounted TVThe easiest way on how to hide TV wires internally is through the use of bulk cable wall plates. These plates come with large openings to allow cable access. You place one plate behind the TV where the cables connect to the TV and one at the area where the cables will connect to receivers and source devices. Most of these bulk plates come with templates to accurately mark the area on the wall where you will cut an opening. You can use a drywall saw to cut an opening, and simply screw on the plate and feed the wires through. You can hire an electrician to install a recessed plug on the wall right behind your flat-screen TV wall mount, or you can utilize one of many ready-made solutions for distributing power. Powerbridge has created an innovative solution, which requires minimal electrical expertise to install. The ONE-PRO-6 kit includes in-wall Romex and everything you need to transfer power from one outlet to another. However, as always, consult a professional when dealing with any time of electrical wiring. If you're not a licensed electrician, this is not something you should undertake.  

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