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Home Theater Accessories You Need
Anyone who owns a home theater worth bragging about knows that every single element makes or breaks the entire experience. Owners will spend good money on the highest quality products that they can get their hands on. Most people know that they need the basics – a widescreen HD TV, a comfortable couch to relax on for the movie experience, a high-definition surround system, and the list goes on. You could spend the entire day listing off all of the accessories that can complement a solid home theater system. Yet, you don’t need to buy every single accessory in order to enjoy the fruits of your labors. It will only take a few essentials in order to complete your custom-built theater. There comes a point at which adding more accessories will not change your experience dramatically. Here are a couple of things that you should purchase before concerning yourself with anything else:
Home theater with wine tasting room, big screen, wood cabinets, photo on screen is from yosemite Universal Remote Control These have been around for a while, and every home theater buff knows the importance of having one remote to control everything. Having multiple remotes makes the setup complicated and ruins the thrill of being able to push a single button, lay back, and enjoy the movie. Nowadays, most universal remotes are going entirely digital, and it has never been easier to sync up with all of your devices. The TV, the speakers, the multimedia dock – everything! The best part is that certain companies are offering universal remote software that can be operated from your device. You can now run your system from your computer or even your phone. HDMI Cables Like it or not, some things still need to be connected by cable. One of the benefits of having HDMI cables around is that you can transfer multi-channel surround audio and beautiful-looking video through a single cable. These cables are especially important if you plan to stream multimedia from your laptop or another device that does not happen to be a part of your home theater setup.  Home theater with plasma tv and hi-fi acoustics Power Management System With all of the devices in your home theater system, you might end up running out of outlets and risk having power interference stop one of your devices from running properly. Purchasing a good power management system will provide you with all of the outlets you need while monitoring voltage levels. This ensures that everything will be operating at all times. Projection Screen This one is optional and only for the die-hard fans that are obsessed with every little detail. Rather than purchase a 70-inch TV, you can set up a motorized projection screen that will lower from the ceiling and display the movie. Of course, it goes without saying that you will need a good projector if you choose this kind of setup. Young man watching a movie with his girlfriend and pointing a remote control: cinema, entertainment and home theater concept Wireless Lighting The lighting can make or break your entire viewing experience. Have you ever been in a movie theater and noticed that the lights were so well-manipulated during the movie? They dim and light up at the right times so that you can enjoy the movie. Home theater junkies are seeking to replicate that same experience in the convenience of their own home. You can now install special lightbulbs that are equipped with Wi-Fi. Through a mobile app, brightness and color can be adjusted. Settings for certain movies can be pre-configured in advance. All you have to do is choose the setting instead of tampering with multiple options at once. The future is here, and it is looking awfully bright for those who can’t get enough of their home theaters. With each advance in technology comes another way in which movies become more enjoyable. We look forward to seeing how home theaters will look in the next 5-10 years.
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