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HDMI Cable Features Comparison
HDMI Cable Features Comparison We believe when it comes to the basics of bringing high definition into your home or office, your HDMI cable shouldn't cost more than your TV. FireFold offers a wide range of options for High-Speed HDMI cables at an affordable price. Our cables are high quality, with a Lifetime Guarantee to stand behind them. FireFold HDMI meets the most recent standards, providing superior features like Ethernet Channel, 3D capability and Audio Return Channel. Gold-plated connectors reduce corrosion over time and ensure maximum signal quality. These audio/video cables support resolutions up to 1080p and Ultra HD 4Kx2K. FireFold Platinum HDMI cables are a more rugged choice for high-traffic areas, featuring zinc metal heads with screws for added support. The attractive netted jacket provides an additional layer of durability while thick 26 AWG conductors provide a reliable signal. HDMI to HDMI cables with RedMere technology have a chip which boosts the digital signal being transmitted. This allows you to run HDMI over longer distances using cables that are up to 75% smaller than standard HDMI cables. This is ideal for situations where space is limited, like behind mounted TVs or entertainment centers. HDMI male to female cables are an easy solution when you need to extend an existing cable. The female end connects easily to the male end of your HDMI cable to provide added length. Connect your Blu-ray player, satellite receiver, cable box, gaming system, and more to your HDTV.  


Why are gold-plated connectors important?

Gold is one of the best conductive metals, and plating HDMI connectors in gold ensures maximum signal conductivity, as well as added resistance to corrosion for extended cable life.

What does Plenum Rated mean?

Plenum refers to the air-handling spaces in building construction above the ceiling and beneath the floors. Some building codes require Plenum-rated cable, which has a low-smoke jacket that burns slower in the event of a fire and emits less toxic smoke.

What does refresh rate mean?

Refresh rate refers to the number of times in a second that a device retrieves data.

What does AWG mean?

AWG stands for "American Wire Gauge" and is a common unit of wire measurement. In an HDMI cable, it refers to the size of the conductors within the cable. With wire gauges, smaller numbers actually refer to larger wires. This means a 24 AWG cable has a thicker conductor than a 28 AWG cable. The benefit of a thicker conductor is the ability to effectively transmit an HD signal over longer distances.

What does 1080p mean?

1080p refers to an HDTV format which has 1080 horizontal lines of resolution. The "p" stands for progressive scan. The traditional analog video uses an interlaced scan, which draws the odd lines, then even lines of each frame. Progressive scan draws all lines in sequence.

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