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Customizing Your Xbox Setup
image1 Representing one of the most popular gaming brands in the world, Xbox offers users one of the best gaming experiences possible. Versatile and always looking to the future of gaming technology, Xbox creates consoles that can be used in any home in a variety of setups. If you really want the best gaming experience possible, though, then you’re definitely going to benefit from a customization of your Xbox setup. Going with the generic setup configurations is all well and good, but setting up your system with your own convenience and ease in mind certainly helps to open up your gaming possibilities. Here, we’ll discuss several different ways of customizing your Xbox setup and their various benefits, thus helping you design your own unique setup.

HDMI Options

HDMI, or High-Definition Multimedia Interface, let’s you connect electronic devices together and exchange high definition video and audio. Generally, in order to connect an Xbox console to your TV you’ll have to use HDMI cables. This is fine as far as the transmission of high-definition quality audio and visuals go, but having to rely on cables can limit your Xbox possibilities and make setup much more of an aggravation. Cables mean that your Xbox can only be so far from the TV, which typically isn’t very far in this case. If you already have other devices like a DVD or Blu-ray player, sound system, satellite or cable box setup around your TV then finding a place to put your Xbox console can be a hassle. This is even truer if you’d like to connect your Xbox console with other devices in the house.   To remedy these issues, you should probably look into purchasing a wireless HDMI extender kit. This kit will allow you to do away with HDMI cables and transmit HDMI signals wirelessly throughout your home. HDMI transmitters and receivers are very easy to install and will not only allow you to link your Xbox with your TV wirelessly, but also allow you to link any other electronic devices you have with the TV.

image2Wireless Internet, Controllers, and More

Xbox One consoles have the ability to link up online with Xbox Live, a gaming system that Xbox players can use to download games and interact with other players. You could connect your console to the internet with wires, but if you don’t already have a WiFi router then buying one and switching over to wireless internet access altogether is going to be a big plus. Connecting to Xbox Live wirelessly is an easier process in any case. You can also purchase a wireless Xbox controller – if you don’t already have one - that will allow for a much greater gaming experience, letting you sit anywhere in the room and not have to worry about cables pulling on the console during gaming. Wireless controllers easily sync to Xbox consoles and you can also use them for gameplay on your laptop or PC. Controllers aren’t the only wireless devices you can use in order to enhance your gaming experience. If you’re playing through the use of a laptop or PC then you can ditch the cords or the laptop itself by opting for a wireless keyboard and mouse. If you have both wireless HDMI and internet capabilities, then you can sync your laptop or PC with the TV for larger video and enhanced audio, while still using your wireless keyboard and mouse. Such an integrated setup makes for a much more comfortable as well as convenient experience. If you don’t mind introducing some cables to your system, then you’ll certainly want to consider getting a gaming headset. Headsets are a major multiplayer facilitator, letting you easily interact with other players and take your gaming to a higher level.

image3Home Theater Systems

Of course, a big part of having an amazing gaming experience boils down to the kind of multimedia setup you have in place. If you want to get closer to the home theater effect, then wireless HDMI and internet options used in conjunction with an HDTV and a high definition sound system will do the job. Keep in mind that when you’re linking various devices you may need proper adapters and/or connectors, so before you buy any device or software meant to facilitate these links make sure you’re aware of and have all of the necessary connecting equipment.
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