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College Dorm Room Essentials
It’s almost back to school time! This means that many students will be moving away from home and into their college dorms. Moving into a college dorm can seem very scary and stressful. However, if you are prepared and have everything you need, it may not be as difficult to adjust to your new surroundings. Here are some of the college dorm room essentials that will help, whether you are just moving into your new college dorm room or are looking for ways to make your dorm room better:

Storage Boxes and Crates

Your dorm room may not be very big, and this means you will not have a lot of storage space. Storage boxes and stackable crates are perfect for any room. They will help keep your room tidy and organized, as well as save you a lot of space. You can leave them in the corner of your room and access them when you need them. The boxes can also be hidden away under your bed, taking up no space of the room whatsoever.


One of the most challenging things about living in a college dorm is being away from home. So make sure you give your dorm room as much personality as you can. It can be as simple as posters or pictures on your wall, just make sure you feel as comfortable as possible while away from home.


Everybody wants to have electronics such as a television or stereo in their room. However, these are big items to bring along with you. If you are moving in your own electronics you should try to be considerate to your roommates. Try not to bring personal electronics that are too big if you are sharing a room. Your own computer or laptop is a necessity in a college dorm. If you're looking to connect your Blu-ray player, satellite receiver, cable box, gaming system, and more to your HDTV in your college dorm, you can find HDMI cables for all of your devices, gadgets and electronics. And don't forget USB chargers and USB cables for your mobile devices

Bed Linens

Before you move into your new dorm room, you need to make sure you have two sets of bed sheets. This will make it easier to keep your sheets clean as you will always have a spare to swap out with the dirty sheets. You should also check what size bed sheets you will need before moving in. Remember that being prepared and planning ahead will make it a lot easier to settle into your new surroundings at college.
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