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A Mini-Guide to Buying TV Wall Mounts

“Television is an invention that permits you to be entertained in your living room by people you wouldn't have in your home.” David Frost, an English television host once said.

LED TVs are a revolution in the world of home gadgets. In the past few years, these flat-screen TVs have grown into a trend among homeowners for its shallow depth and lightweight.

Since they are effortlessly mounted on the wall, an LED TV has a clean and space-efficient installation. But, the real challenge is deciding on the wall mounting equipment.

In this guide, we’ll assist you in buying the right TV wall-mounting hardware. Also, we’ll clearly illustrate the discrepancy between the various wall mount types.

Types of T.V. Wall Mounts:-

Type 1: Fixed Wall Mount

This is a low-cost mounting solution to fix the LED screen on the wall. Here, the T.V. screen is installed closer to the wall than any other mount type.

The fixed wall mounts have no angular adjustments, - and the position of the LED screen is parallel to the wall. 

This wall mount is a clear choice if you have your sofa set placed in front of the screen.  Here, the  T.V. position can conveniently be maintained at a standard height. And, the center of the screen is about the eye-level once you are snugly settled.

Type 2:Tilt Wall Mount

This wall mount offers a vertical angle adjustment, and this lets the center of the TV panel to be arranged slightly above the level of optimum viewing. Further, the mechanism of tilt in this type of wall mount ensures some space between the LED screen and the wall.

If you want to put your screen high on a bedroom wall or above the fireplace, in that case, the tilt wall mount is a suitable pick. And, not to mention, the angular adjustment of the screen, preventing reflections from room lights and windows in the house.

Type 3: Full-Motion Mount

As the name suggests, this wall mount is a smart solution that provides homeowners the flexibility to adjust the LED screen anytime, without the necessity to call a specialist. The side-to-side swivel adjustments will ensure the most desirable viewing always.

Adjustable TV wall mount will be the best option if you have multiple viewing spots throughout the house.

Type 4: MantelMount

The MantelMount is an elegant above-the-fireplace wall mount solution that won’t leave you with severe pain in your neck after having finished watching your favorite web series on Netflix.

With MantelMount, you can pull down your T.V. to create the best viewing angle for a memorable time with kids.

Type 5:Ceiling Wall Mount

Last, on the list is the ceiling wall mount. In certain scenarios, when installing the LED screen on the wall is not feasible, in that case, the best ceiling T.V. mount could be a substitute.

TV Wall Mounts - Size, Weight & Flexibility

Whether buying online or from a local store, the wall mounts are classified in terms of weighing the support, the size of the T.V. panel, and the flexibility provided.

The various brands of T.V. are altered with respect to the weight, even if the screen size is the same. So, we must recognize the weight measurement of the T.V. panel. After that carefully read the product specifications to determine the maximum screen size and weight, the specific wall mount can hold.

The next facet to think about when shopping a wall mount is the flexibility required for the T.V. screen. If you wish to watch your favorite show while engaging in the kitchen activities or any other room, then opt for the full motion wall mount. This will let you tailor the angle of the screen anytime.

The other way around, if you prefer to install the T.V. screen above the eye level, then consider the tilt wall mount.

 To boil down, when selecting a wall mount, thoroughly mull over the mount’s style and pay close attention to the weight it can bear.

So, speculating what it takes to install an LED screen, here are the quick steps:-

Step 1: Make Sure The T.V. Can Be Wall Mounted

Step 2: Now, Attach the Mount to the T.V.

Step 3: Locate the wall studs

Step 4: Identify The Right Height

Step 5: Grab a Level

Step 6:Use a Template

Step 7: Drill into the Wall

Step 8: With the Help of Another Person, Mount the T.V.

Final Words

Have an inquiry or ambiguity concerning which wall mount type is apt for your T.V. screen and viewing preference? Our experts at FireFold are there to assist you, write to us at

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