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Ceiling Mounts

Convenience with quality and safety ensured with the best TV mounts

Ceiling TV mounts should be high in quality so that they would be able to support the weight of the heavy electronics. We, at Firefold have put together an extensive range comprising some of the best TV mounts. Browse through the collection to get the TV mount best suited for your requirement. Here's a glimpse of the variety available.Ceiling TV mounts should be high in quality so that they would be able to support the weight of the heavy electronics. We, at Firefold have put together an extensive range comprising some of the best TV mounts. Browse through the collection to get the TV mount best suited for your requirement. Here's a glimpse of the variety available.

Rhino ceiling mount
Ceiling TV mounts should offer reliability, security, and quality. The rhino ceiling mount available here strikes a balance between the three vital components. The product comes with an adjustable pole and works for just about every situation.
It is mainly designed to be installed in retail establishments, healthcare facilities, and similar other setups. Like other reliable ceiling TV mounts, this one also allows upward and downward movement for the best viewing angle. It is provided with a tilting backplate for the purpose. The ceiling plate can be adjusted to up to 90 degrees.
It is compatible with most TV screens. The feature of locking is available to offer added security. It is provided with solid steel construction and is scratch-resistant too.

Features of the rhino ceiling mount
· High-quality and solid construction
· 5-degrees upward and 15-degrees downward movement
· Easy installation
· Durable
· Adjustable pole

Projector ceiling mounts
When it comes to ceiling TV mounts, the weight they can hold is vital. The projector ceiling mounts you find here can fit projectors up to 44 pounds and sometimes even more. They are designed to be mounted on concrete surfaces or hardwood studs.
These mounts offer the feature of tilting to ensure that the best viewing angle is achieved. A lot of the ceiling TV mounts also have built-in cable management, due to which the cable can be run throughout the pole. This keeps the wires concealed and makes installation neater and professional.

Features of projector ceiling mounts
· High-quality
· Durable
· Easy-installation
· Adjustable
· Tilting

Throw projector mount
The throw projector mount is among the most effective options for home theaters. This projector can display sizable images at a short distance from the screen. If space limitations are an issue, ceiling TV mounts and similar other products help a great deal. The throw projector mount available at Firefold can ensure that the projector gets out of the way so that space is cleared. It creates a cleaner and more professional look.
Throw projectors are mostly short, and thus the mounts have to be designed accordingly. We, at Firefold, feature mounts with multiple adjustment points for the purpose. The settings can be changed with ease. Some of the mounts have an arm with an extension of up to 16 degrees from the wall. Furthermore, the height can also be adjusted at the wall plate.
These mounts are constructed from high-quality aluminum and high-grade cold-rolled steel. They can hold a weight of up to 50 pounds. These have integrated cable management in place that makes the installation look professional. The mounts are scratch-resistant and can look as good as new for a long time.

Features of the throw projector mount
· Made from high-quality aluminum
· Solid build
· Durable
· Compatible with most throw projectors
· Feature multiple adjustable points

Ceiling bracket for TV
Most people want rotating mounts for TV for the best viewing angle. A ceiling bracket for the TV keeps the whole setup secure. The variety available at Firefold is high-quality. They feature adjustable settings that ensure that the users can get the best viewing angle without compromise.
These ceiling TV mounts are designed such that tilting is easy. Installation of the setup is quite feasible too. Our extensive collection of ceiling brackets ensure that you find something compatible with your appliance.

Feature of the ceiling bracket for TV
· High-quality
· Sturdy build
· Compatible with most screen sizes
· Best viewing angle ensured
· Durable

TV mount with swivel
When buying a TV mount, best option is something that will be able to eliminate the annoying glares. This can be achieved with the rotating TV mount.
TV mount with swivel feature vertical tilt angles and a customized viewing angle. They have a full-motion swivelling left to right along with rotation, which ensures that the viewing experience is enhanced.
Via these ceiling mounts, one can save up significant space and long extensions. The TV is mounted closer to the wall, and there is no need for bending. The TV can easily be moved into the perfect position as per requirement. The installation process is quite simple, as well. There are many high-quality mounts with swivels in the collection including the universal swivel TV mount.

Features of the TV mount with swivel
· Sturdy build
· Rotating feature
· Full swiveling motion
· Easy to install
· Saves space

Articulating TV mount
The articulating TV mount works for nearly all settings. The adjustable pole length makes installation easy. The ceiling TV mounts you find here are compatible with most TV screens.
The thing about rotating TV mount is that once the TV is mounted to the ceiling, one can find the best viewing angle by adjusting the positioning. The best ceiling TV mounts are the ones that allow forward and backward tilt. Adjustability is an important feature. Our featured options can tilt up to 15 degrees and swivel 180-degrees.
These mounts are provided with built-in cable management, which keeps the wires hidden. Installation is relatively easy. The hardened steel construction makes the mounts quite durable.

Features of the articulating TV mount
· High-quality
· Sturdy construction
· Scratch-resistant
· Swivel and rotate
· Easy installation

Find the best ceiling TV mounts at Firefold
A wide array of mounts is available in this collection, compatible with most of the projectors and televisions available on the market. Browse through it to find something that suits your requirement. While buying a TV mount, best deal is to get something that is durable and long-lasting. All the mounts featured in this collection are high in quality and have a sturdy build. So get the best TV mount and get rid of all the clutter! Take a look at it all and find the best option now!
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