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Triple Monitor Stand for 13 to 27 Inch Screens, Full Motion Desk Mount

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Nothing beats the efficiency that comes from working with multiple monitors, but if you're sacrificing organization because all those monitors are creeping in on your desk space, are you really getting ahead? This triple monitor stand holds three mounts, getting them up and off the desk and out of your way. Once this monitor mount is in place, you'll have ample space to spread out and feed your creative process.

The mount is super easy to install. For desks with an overhang, you can use the clamp option to avoid damaging the surface of your work space. Alternatively, the mount comes with a bracket for screwing it directly to the desk when you don't have an overhang or just want more security. It's made of a sturdy, heavy gauge black powder coated steel, so you don't have to worry about the weight of the monitors bending the arms. Each plate supports up to 17.6 pounds of weight. Simple, snap-on brackets allow you to route your cables behind the monitors and out of the way for additional organization.

You'll also enjoy the convenience of being able to place your monitors at eye-level, avoiding painful neck strain from hunching over your desk to view your screens. Each mounting plate features a 45° tilt and 180° swivel, so you'll be able to view your screens at any angle and avoid glare. You can easily switch back and forth between landscape and portrait mode for each screen.

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  • Space-Saving Design Holds 3 Monitors, Opening up the Desktop
  • Smooth Tilt Makes it Easy to Reduce Glare and Find Ideal Angle
  • 180 Degree Rotation Allows Portrait or Landscape Viewing
  • Clamp Style Mount Makes Installation Simple and Quick
  • Sturdy, Durable Steel Construction Designed to Last
  • Cable Clip Keeps Cords Routed and Organized
  • FireFold Signature Lifetime Warranty


  • 180° Rotation for Each Individual Monitor
  • Clamp Thickness: 0.39-3.46" (10-88mm)
  • Per Monitor Weight Capacity: 17.6lbs
  • VESA Compatible: 75x75, 100x100
  • Fits 13-27" Flat Panel Monitors
  • Max Height: 17.72" (450mm)
  • 45° Left or Right Swivel
  • 45° Up or Down Tilt
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Arm Width: 52"
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Will this fit my monitor?

This will fit most 13-27" screens. Please make sure your monitor's mounting pattern is 100x100 or smaller and it weighs 17.6 lbs or less each.

Where do you put this?

This is a triple monitor desk mount.

Will I need anything else?

You may need additional hardware if your TV uses a different screw size or if you are mounting to anything other than studs. You will also want an electric screwdriver with a drill bit and a stud finder. A drop cloth to cover your carpet or furniture may help, and a separate level can be a good idea as well.

What is a VESA pattern?

VESA pattern is the mounting pattern. There are several different sizes used by manufacturers. It is the measurement between mounting holes side to size and then up and down. This measurement will always be in millimeters.

How thick of a surface will this work with?

This can be used with surfaces between 0.39 and 3.46 inches.

Does this tilt or swivel?

This mount will tilt and rotate.

How does this attach?

This mounts by clamp or through a desk grommet.