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NET Finder Pro

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NETfinder Pro is an expanded version of NETfinder that includes the cable organizer funcation to allow 18 remote units for larger installation. With a low battery indicator, easy to read display and compact size the Netfinder Pro can be essential in your network testing.


  • Tests for the following wiring faults: Opened, shorted, reversed, crossed, and split pairs.
  • Pin to Pin Indication (Net Cable)
  • Tests for Wiring Faults of Short & Open (Telephone Cable)
  • Verification of Shield/Ground Integrity
  • Multi-Split Pair Faults Detection at 3M (9.8ft) to 150M (490ft) Cable Length
  • Cable Organizer: 18 Numbered Remote IDs for Organizing 18 Cable Locations
  • Port Finder: Locates the Switch/Hub for the Corresponding Port
  • Quick Test: Memorizes a Cable's Pin Out & Tests for Mass Cables
  • Remote Unit Enables One Person to Test Installed Cables
  • Easy to Read Alphanumeric LED Faults Display

Package Contents

  • (1) NET Finder Pro

9V battery required for operation, not included.

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