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Kendall Howard 41 Unit (41U) 2 Post Cable Cove Server Rack

Kendall Howard
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Kendall Howard 2 Post Cable Cove Racks™ are the most functional Telco racks on the market today. With most 2 post racks, half the rack space is lost due to cable managers that actually make it more difficult to manage a network because they require longer patch cables and trunk cables. When these cables get tangled it becomes a giant mess, making it more difficult to trace down connectivity issues.

The Patent Pending Kendall Howard 2 Post Cable Cove Rack™ has two 4 inch cable management channels that make it easy to run cables into the frame, eliminating the need for additional exterior vertical cable managers. The unique design of the 2 Post Cable Cove Rack™ makes it easy to zone network switches and manage them more efficiently with shorter patch cables, eliminating the need for horizontal cable managers, and freeing up valuable rack space.

These racks can be freestanding or anchored to the floor (floor mounting hardware not included).


  • Dimensions: Width 19" (inside) EIA Compliant, 24" (outside)
    Height 71.75" (inside usable space), 78" (outside)
  • Load Capacity: 1200lb
  • Color: Black
  • PDF Download Installation Manual
  • PDF Download Spec Sheet

Package Contents

  • (2) 41U Rails
  • (2) Top Braces
  • (2) Bases
  • (1) Assembly Parts Pack
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