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Crimson-AV JSK2-30S Short Throw Projector Mount - Dual Stud 30 Inch Extension

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Features & Specs
  • Weight Capacity: 50lb (23kg)
  • Max Mounting Pattern: 14.9" (380mm) diameter
  • Extension: 30” (762mm)
  • Max Lateral Shift: 10" 
  • Vertical adjustment: +/- 25° (Projector) +/- 5° (Arm)
  • Roll (Side to Side): +/- 6°
  • Mounting Surface: Wood Stud, Concrete, Cinder Block or Metal Stud (Accessory Required)
  • Stud Spacing: Dual Stud 16" on Center
  • Construction: Aluminum/high-grade cold rolled steel
  • Product Finish: Anodized Aluminum/Scratch Resistant Epoxy Powder Coat
  • Color: Silver
  • PDF Download Installation Manual
  • PDF Download Spec Sheet
  • PDF Download Spec Sheet

The Short Story

Short throw projectors were one of the most significant developments in home theater technology. By using a larger, wider lens- among other things- these projectors are capable of displaying sizeable images at a short distance from the screen. This opens the door for many homeowners and presenters to use projectors in ways and spaces they wouldn’t have been able to use them before. They are becoming increasingly popular in small home theaters, offices, and even classrooms.

Mounting Matters

Because of the space limitations that often sway a user to purchase a short throw projector, mounting the projector is even more important. Mounting gets the projector out of the way and clears up space, while also presenting a clean and professional look. For many people, Crimson AV’s JSK2-30S Short Throw Projector Mount is the perfect solution.

The JSK2-30S is a complete kit for mounting a short-throw projector to dual wood studs or other surface materials such as concrete or cinder blocks. Having adjustment points is more important with a short throw projector than it is with a regular projector. Across a short space, changes to settings can make a huge difference. This projector mount has a fully adjustable roll, pitch, and yaw as well as a 30” extension arm. At the wall plate, you can also adjust the height by five degrees and the lateral position by up to 10 inches.

Crafted from aluminum and high-grade cold-rolled steel, the Crimson AV JSK2-30S is rated for a projector weight of up to 50 lbs. The 14.9” mounting pattern also makes it compatible with a huge range of home and professional projectors. Integrated cable management keeps the installation looking professional and the scratch-resistant finish helps preserve the sleek look of the mount through years of use. Need to change a bulb or service your machine? All of your adjustments are safe and sound thanks to a unique easy-release mechanism.


Package Includes

  • (1) JSK2-30S Projector Mount




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