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USB Products

USB technology has connected the electronic world around us, and you can witness it almost everywhere. It has somewhat become a standard for electronic gadgets of all sorts — including, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and many others. It may have “universal” in its name, but it comes in various shapes and sizes, each having varying benefits. Some are faster, whereas some others have a smart design, deepening on the functionality. The sheer amount of options makes it overwhelming to understand all of them. That said, we have rounded up some of the common most useful USB products that our site offers.

Standard USB Charger for Mobiles
It is a lightweight and portable charger that goes with a type-A USB connector. Plus, it is compatible with most of the wall outlets, making it easier for you to charge your devices. Whether you have a tablet, mobile phone, or any other USB products, this will charge them trouble-freely. This helps when there aren’t enough USB ports on the computer, and you have to find an alternative. It may stick out several inches from the wall, but it isn’t very flashy, making the appearance concealed.

USB Extension Cable 3.0
Extend the reach of your electronic devices such as printers and digital cameras by using this extension cable. It isn’t confined to just the aforesaid gadgets; you can enhance the length of many other devices as well. For instance, the PS3’s game controller comes with a very small cable, making it impossible to play while charging. This extension can solve this problem instantly by enhancing your distance. The 3.0 version of these high-quality USB cables come with an amazing transmission speed of 5Gbps, which is considered more than enough for standard use. Also, when compared to previous versions, it gives immense power with its double-shielded 28-gauge conductors.

USB 3.0 Printer Cable
There were times when the printer cables like other outdated USB products were bulky, and a slight misalignment of the pins could trigger a complete failure. But not anymore as we have invented sophisticated USB products like 3.0 printer cables. It is not only more reliable but also built to last for a long time. The cable features to ends — one that goes into your computer, while the other attaches with the printer. The cable is bidirectional in nature, meaning it can download and upload both simultaneously. As for the transmission speed, it is around 5Gbps, which is an incredible figure.

J5create JUPV20 2-Port QC3 USB Car Charger
No more fighting with your friends, as this car charger comes with dual charging ports. However, both ports are different and give out varying performance.
The first one comes with Qualcomm Quick 3.0 support, which charges your mobile phones at an extremely high speed. The second port isn’t as fast as the first one, but still, it gets the job done quickly. Another benefit of this device is smart engineering — it features internal and external protection from heat and electricity surge. In simpler words, your gadgets will be in safe hands with this high-end charger.

J5create Triple Docking Station
One of the best USB products on the list is this impressive docking station. It provides your computer with extended options to attach a greater number of monitors. Plus, it outfitted with various ports for ultimate connectivity — Display port, VGA, and HDMI. The station rests on an NB stand, which features heat dissipation properties. In addition to the aforementioned ports, it also contains a USB-C connector, allowing you to enjoy amazing power delivery of the 3.0 version. You can attach everything from your smartphones, tablets, to power banks and other USB products with this station.

J5create Ethernet Adapter
As we know, gadgets like the MacBook and Ultrabook don’t come with built-in Ethernet ports. You would be needing an external adapter to connect the cable with such devices. j5create adapter is a simple and compact unit that connects with any of the USB-c ports. This makes things very flexible for users. Moreover, it also increases the speed of the transfer, allowing the user to have a faster-working cable. With this awesome invention, you can add ethernet capabilities to any of your devices with the need for a Wi-Fi connection.

JUA365 USB 3.0 to HDMI adapter
It would be accurate to say that JUA365 3.0 HDMI USB adapter is amongst the best USB products we have mentioned so far. It works as an external video card for your devices that don’t have a built-in HDMI port. It allows the users to connect an extra display or monitor through the 3.0 USB port.
With this adapter, you won’t be needing to add a costly video card. Just plug into the USB port, load the drivers, connect the adapter to the HDMI, and the system will be ready. Unlike common adapters, this supports multiple modes for viewing. The first one allows the user to open more than one app on different displays. The second mode is about extending the desktop to other monitors, increasing productivity many times over. The last mode is for cloning displays, which comes in handy while holding conferences and giving presentations. The applications are limitless, and it would have never been possible without this incredible adapting solution.

Netstrand iPhone Charger Kit
If your previous cable has worn out, then Netsrand iPhone high-quality USB Cables would be the best alternative. It is compatible with most of the latest devices, but it isn’t designed to go with outdated Apple technology like the first-generation models. As one of the best high-quality USB products, you can expect a fast transmission rate, quality build, and durability from this kit.

Wrapping Up
Countless USB products and USB accessories are floating in the marketplace, with every single one having a specific functionality. And only by understanding the various iterations of USB types will help you find what you are looking for. On our site FireFold, we have listed dozens of USB products to cater your needs. The above-discussed products are just a glimpse of what we have on your official site. So, don’t forget to pay us a visit and who knows when you might find something interesting.
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