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Ceiling TV Mounts

Wall mounts get all the glory, but sometimes you can’t (or don’t want to) mount your TV to the wall. TV ceiling mounts are an excellent alternative to wall mounts and are often better suited to smaller spaces or unusual-shaped walls or rooms. Using ceiling mounts can also offer a true 360-degree viewing area. FireFold offers full ceiling mounts, ceiling mount adapters for use with TV wall mounts, and even industrial TV mounts for multiple televisions like those used in restaurants and bars. Installation of FireFold’s mounts is always a breeze and each TV ceiling mount comes with instructions and most hardware to accomplish standard installations.

Choosing where to mount your television can at times be tricky. Wall mounts are largely popular but it becomes impossible to get one for differently shaped walls or if you’re choosing to keep your walls clear. Ceiling tv mounts are a great alternative to allow better viewing and space saving. Here are a few of the best ceiling tv mount options for you to look into. Ceiling tv mounts are usually seen in public places like bars and restaurants, but there are many variations that are suitable for different places. Firefold’s vast collection is worth looking into.

How to find the best ceiling tv mounts?

Ceiling mounts can be tricky but if you identify what you require and the specifications that fulfill your needs properly, it should be easy. Try looking for some ceiling tv mount with a shelf as it will save you space and prevent you from losing your precious tv accessories. Multiple factors are to be kept in mind for finding the most accurate product for you.
· Keep in mind the functions and specifications of your television. For a safe mounting experience. Ensure your television is fits snugly as it will be suspended in midair.
· Consider the price. The most expensive option may not be the best one for you and opting for something too cheap may result in a greater long-term loss.
· Choose the amount of swivel and pole length you want for yourself.

1. Adjustable ceiling tv mount

This type of mount works great for places like classrooms, retail settings and healthcare facilities. The structure is made from solid steel and finished with a matte black scratch-less finish for a longer-lasting product. This Ceiling tv mount with an adjustable pole of 28 inches to 45 inches is perfect for all situations. This also has a tilting backplate that can adjust 5 degrees upward and 15 degrees’ downwards movement. It is compatible with most 37 to 65-inch screens and is durable enough for commercial use.

2. Swivel ceiling tv mount

This unique mount allows not one but two screens to be simultaneously placed back to back. Each side can support up to an impressive 99 lbs. The free tilt design allows all kinds of movement you require for an optimal viewing experience. You may swivel around and tilt down the pole with absolute ease. The best part about these ceiling tv mounts is the wire concealing tubes for a neat outlook. This can accommodate any 37 to 70-inch screen.

3. Articulating ceiling tv mount

This is the most compatible kind of mount for most ceilings and screens. It is an ideal purchase if you are looking to invest in a mount that will last a long time and serve all the purposes you desire. Once you have the tv successfully mounted, finding the ideal angle for your viewing will be an absolute breeze. The adjustable pole feature makes it ideal for use around the house as well as for commercial usage.

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