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Tool Kits

Basic household tool kits tend to serve as small investments that would provide you with tools that may come in handy when doing simple home repairs. These tool kits for the home are easy to keep and will help you save a lot of inconvenient trips to the garage.

If you're somewhat experienced in operating these tools, they may also help you in saving money as you won't have to pay the professionals to carry out small repairs.

What Do Ideal Tool Kits Comprise?

Every individual has his own definition of an ideal portable tool kit, as it depends on their needs and requirements. However, we have taken the opportunity to list down some of the essential items that may match the needs of the majority of the individuals.

Tape Measure

The tape measure is one of the essential tools to have in a tool kit.
When choosing a tape measure for your custom hand tools set or when buying a toolbox set, make sure that the tape measure is large enough to measure your home’s spaces easily.
If you’re not experienced enough to carry out big repairs, you can also get a smaller tape of a maximum length of 12 feet.


When it comes to screwdrivers, you may be surprised to know that there are more than ten different types of screwdrivers. However, in order to carry out basic repairs, two basic screwdrivers are necessary to have in the mechanic tool kits or the ideal tool kit for home.


From gripping small objects to bending or breaking wires, pliers have the ability to do it all. While in some cases, one set of pliers would be enough, however, if you want to carry out a series of different tasks such as removing nails and wire cutting, etc, you will need a set of various sized and shaped pliers.


All in all, having a tool kit with the right set of tools can turn out to be not only a time saver but a money saver as well. With the appropriate tools and a little knowledge, you will be able to skip the hazard of calling professionals to resolve even the minor problems as you will be capable enough to do it on your own.

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