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RJ45 Connectors

If you are involved in computer networking, you might be familiar with the RJ45 connectors and the 8P8C connectors. The chances are that you might've heard the terms together. So, let's explore the topic a little and get familiar with RJ45 connectors.

The Origin of RJ45

“RJ45” or “RJ45 connectors” is the term that is widely used in reference to Ethernet cables. RJ stands for "registered jack", and the RJ45 connector was developed originally to connect telephone networks.

What Is the Role of an RJ45 Connector in Today’s World?

In today's technology-driven world, the RJ45 connector is commonly found at one of the ends of an Ethernet Wire, which is used to provide wired internet connection from routers to PCs, laptops and several other devices.

At first glance, the RJ45 connectors may seem quite similar to telephone jacks and plugs that connect landline phones to switchboards or walls. However, in reality, these connectors are slightly larger.

The Relation Between RJ45 Connector and Wired Ethernet Connections

Wired Ethernet connections between devices are often given a preference as a physical alternative to Wi-Fi networks. The primary reason for this is that an Ethernet network tends to provide a more reliable, stable and interference-free connection than a wireless network. Not only that, but it also offers faster data transfer speeds.

However, to establish a physical wired Ethernet connection between the devices, the cables and the connectors need to be in working condition. Any damages to the wires or in the connectors may lead to interruptions in the internet connection. This is why it is important to ensure that not only your wire is in perfect condition, but the RJ45 plug at each end is also connected properly.

The RJ45 Cables

A number of different grades, usually known as the RJ45 cables, are sold in the market. Collectively, these are known as Ethernet cables and are constructed with a set of four twisted pair wires.

While some of them may be shielded, many of the RJ45 connector cat5e or Rj45 connector cat6 cables are unshielded. In general, the higher the number of the category, the greater will be the potential capacity and speed of the cable.

The RJ45 connectors can be bought from any local market in your area and any online store. However, wherever you decide to purchase the product, you must check its authenticity before you buy it.

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