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Rechargeable Portable Power Stations

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    EcoFlow RIVER mini Portable Power Station

    EcoFlow RIVER mini Portable Power Station

    Note: This product has been discontinued and replaced by ZMR600-US.

    EcoFlow RIVER mini gives you power at hand. Throw 210Wh of portable power in your backpack and be at ease knowing you’ve got power anywhere.

    Take Outlets Anywhere: RIVER mini sports AC wall outlets, USB outlets & more. With it, you’ve got more ports than a power bank in a battery that fits in your hand. 

    Fast Charging: Charge to 80% in 1 hour flat thanks to EcoFlow’s X-Stream charging technology. 

    Power Multiple Devices: With RIVER mini, you can power up to 8 devices at once. Ideal for the outdoors. 

    Lightweight: RIVER mini is built for portability. Hold it in your hand or throw it in a backpack to take power anywhere. 

    *USB-C fast-charge port and wireless charging pad are exclusive to the wireless version of RIVER mini. 

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Rechargeable Portable Power Stations with Outlets


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