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6U Rack Mounts

6U Racks and cabinets help you organize your IT room by efficient use of space and other resources. It consists of two or four rail mounts and other infrastructure that keeps the support in place at the most basic level. The rails have square or rounded holes that allow you to mount rack equipment to them with screws.
The rails are usually made out of steel or titanium and can hold thousands of pounds of equipment, making it an efficient use of resources and space. There may be rails that come with shelves, which gives you the extra support that you need.

What Kind of Equipment Can You Store in 6U Rack and Cabinets?

IT Production Equipment
Servers, telecommunication hardware, network switches, routers, and other such equipment constitute IT production equipment. Racks are designed to hold all such equipment that does not require moving around, all while freeing up space in the workspace to do more. In addition to this, most of the IT equipment is designed so that it is compatible with racks. But in case you are using equipment that is not intended for the vertical racks, you can add a shelf to it, which will essentially make fair use of space.

IT Infrastructure and Rack Accessories
In addition to IT production equipment, racks also facilitate the use of equipment that production equipment needs to operate such as, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), Cable Managers, KVM Switches, patch panels, and shelves. Like fixed wall mount brackets are just rails that give you the ability to use it as a vertical option or hang a shelf on it. In case you are using equipment that cannot be put on shelves vertically, 6U racks and cabinets helps you set it up on shelves that these racks accommodate and put your gear on that. However, most equipment is designed to fit in standard rack spaces and mount them to vertical racks without using any rack spaces. Equipment that installs this way is called 0U (zero U).

How Do You Choose the Right Rack?
Several different racks are available in the market, but they may not fit your needs if you do not keep a couple of things in mind, such as the dimension of the racks (height, depth, width, and loading rate. In case you take the wrong measurements, it will end up causing you a lot of loss, because not only will it not be of any use to you, but it will also end up taking a lot of time and effort to bring it back down. 6U mount racks and cabinets do this job exceptionally well as they offer a compact space for your rack needs.

What Are Some Basic Options?
There are several types of racks that you can get, like doors, side panels, roof, casters and levelers, locks, hinged wall brackets, and mounting holes. All these racks are perfect depending on what your needs are. Furthermore, they offer a ton of extra functionality that is unique to them. For instance, 6U rack enclosure restricts airflow for equipment that does not require a lot of ventilation, and they can be configured with the doors as well; same is the case with floor-standing frames that may have a removable roof that includes several openings for cable access.
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