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16u Wall Mount Server Rack

When it comes to your company’s network, the servers hold paramount importance. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that they are, without a doubt, the most essential component of your IT infrastructure. If they are so pivotal, should you not take extra steps for their security and get the most out of them? Well of course. You wouldn’t want your high-end equipment that is worth a king’s ransom tucked away somewhere dark and damp. Here, a 16u wall mount server rack can only boost the aesthetics of the space but also enhances the equipment’s performance. Read further on to find out more about how important a rack frame is.

Benefits of Server Racks
Without server racks, your IT infrastructure suffers with you not realizing it. Here are a few reasons why they are a must-have:

Boost Performance
You might be wondering how an ordinary fixed wall mount rack can increase your equipment’s performance. The secret lies in the enhanced airflow — when the server is placed where the airflow is obstructed, the temperature skyrockets drastically, which wreaks havoc on the heat-sensitive equipment. As a result, the performance takes a colossal toll, impeding your productivity. Not to forget, placing it against a wall or around other heat-radiating electronics will also increase the chances of overheating to a great degree.
To prevent this from happening, a 16u wall mount server rack is designed to keep the air flowing smoothly, maintaining an optimum temperature. It allows the servers to work at maximum without getting overworked up.
Do you want to take the performance to its peak? If yes, look for a Quest Wall enclosure with a built-in cooling system. But beware! It costs a fortune.

Maximum Security
You focus so much on putting up security layers on the network that you completely overlook the probability of people manually accessing the server. Have you ever thought about that? Getting a 16u wall mount server rack would mean putting your expensive equipment behind safe doors. They not only keep unwanted people away from them but also protect them from the unpredictable external environment and accidents. To maximize security, you can invest in a 16u rack enclosure that comes with multiple locks.
Different versions have different security systems. Some are more efficient at the enclosure, while others are more accessible and easier to manage. For instance, roll-out server racks are ideal for saving space and additional security, whereas wall brackets only serve the bare minimum purpose.

Easier to Maintain
You may not realize how puzzling keeping track of the wires and equipment becomes when they are not organized properly. From an intricate bundle, how are you supposed to identify which wires lead to what port? Sounds challenging, right? But no worries, even a simple Quest Patch Panel wall mount bracket can get rid of the mess.
A 16u wall mount server rack can bring all the ease into your life by making the organization easier. No more crawling under the table or finding what you need from a maze-like pile of wires. You would know where everything goes, saving you from a tremendous amount of fuss and inconvenience.
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