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Rack Shelves

Rack Shelves

Organizing things at our homes and workplaces increases productivity. There is no better way of organizing things into a compact and reachable space as offered by racking shelves. Therefore, at Firefold we offer a variety of rack shelves in different sizes and mounting options. We are experts in providing high-quality shelves for your needs. Our collection comprises durable steel craft with a chromatic finish to add additional space for your storage. Place them in your kitchens, bathrooms, garages, or even at your warehouses. The chrome finish helps in preventing corrosion in specifically drier environments.

We offer products ranging from server rack shelves to cantilever fixed shelf. Our rack shelves have poles that give a double groove helping all clips attach at the same time. Our easy to adjust shelves can be adjusted according to your preference. Our rack units will not only make your rooms and workplaces tidier, but also offer efficient storage. We also offer standing racks that can be moved easily and fitted at any place. It can be used to place heavy equipment or even as light as vases or books. Our collection of wire shelving racks creates a minimalistic look and keeps the place clean yet decorated. Add sophistication to your living places with our modern and functional rack shelves!

Vented Rack Shelves
Technology with ease of use, our vented rack shelves are easier to be assembled and mounted. These are designed to fit in nearly all racks and have deep storage for IT, non-rack mount instruments, and data. These rack shelves come with a vented shelf plate which ensures that airflow is constantly maintained. In this way, these shelves dissipate the heat on the servers to keep the equipment cool. In addition to this, this vented shelf works perfect to keep computers at home and offices cool and efficient when it comes to work.
The vented shelves are durable in design and heavy-duty in build. Crafted to perfection with cold-rolled steel, the shelf has sturdy cabinets to ensure durability. This also adds to the strength, as these shelves can hold 22 kilograms. All this makes these vented shelves the perfect solution for any IT environment. Our collection of vented shelves offer versatility in terms of function. The fixed mount of these rack shelves is designed to provide additional space to hold your items and ensure safety. The best part about these shelves is that they can work with nearly any mounted equipment. Firefold offers these racks at cheap prices with warranty and technical support of IT professionals.

Adjustable Rack Shelf
At Firefold we put the needs of consumers before anything else. Our easy to install adjustable rack shelf is a must have for storage and other purposes. There are no tools needed and no damage is done to the walls. The shelf can be adjusted to the length suitable and extended further. The fine-tuning feet can also be adjusted. Equipped with stronger sides and bottom, these shelves are perfect for any purpose. They can be used in cupboards, kitchen, bathroom, bookcase, garages, living room, utility rooms, and in laundry areas. The shelf saves space while also storing your items. It can be used to store books, clothes, shoes, accessories and so much more. Made of heavy duty and long-lasting stainless steel, these racks are stable and durable. The heads and the slip pads of these racks are made from high-quality steel, ensuring durability. Lastly, the adjustable racks have lengths that can be adjusted for according to the sizes. Small and large objects can be stored, and the size of the shelf can be adjusted, making it a perfect choice.

Sliding Rack Shelf
Our collection of sliding rack shelves allows one to use their desktop PC with a server rack shelf 1U allowing easy storage and accessibility. We offer sliding rack shelf designed to be compatible with your servers, making it a perfect solution. These rack shelves are ideal for those who wish to mount their computers close to their servers. These shelves also allow for space saving in an efficient manner. The light duty sliding shelf has a heavy weight capacity and can be extended to meet requirements. This makes our collection of sliding rack shelves with easier service. Moreover, we provide a collection with a built in cable management arm, giving users ability to mount cables efficiently. It also helps in maintaining airflow to increase efficiency of troubleshooting. These cheap wall shelves are the perfect solution for tech professionals.

Universal Rack Shelf
Our durable and spacious universal rack shelves are most popular among people of all ages. Crafted with extremely durable steel and finished with chrome polish, these racks offer corrosion resistance. Fortified with high load strength as well as toughness, these rack shelves are shock resistant. Available in 4-6 tier designs, every unit of our rack shelf is built with durable steel. There is an adjustable wire shelf between each layer on which various items can be placed as per ease. Suggestive of their names, this rack shelf can be used under various conditions. They can be used to create a minimalistic look, as bathroom storage, and a tidy kitchen. Not only this, but it also provides a safe place for storage. The poles of the racks are equipped with double grooves in a periodic manner. This allows you to have an adjustable level to adjust the height of the shelves and to be sure of the strength. These universal racks can be slid across the tiers for a smoother appearance. Buy our simpler structured, easier to be assembled racks today!
We understand the importance of efficient storage spaces and its relationship with increased productivity. Our collection of rack shelves is perfect to meet the requirements of your storage spaces to make room for other equipment. Whether it is home or office, our collection of shelves will provide you with exactly what you require. In addition to shelves, we also offer adjustable shelf brackets as external equipment. These durable and heavy-duty stainless-steel rack shelves are sure to increase space as well as efficiency by mounted required tools. Browse our collection and buy cheap wall shelves online today!
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