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Plenum HDMI Cables

HDMI Cable has become the basic need of the digital and electronic world. All the latest devices like TVs, Gaming Consoles, Projectors, Cameras, Set-top boxes etc. are now HDMI driven. Among them, HDMI cable Plenum rated is a specific subtype that is getting more fame day by day.

Plenum HDMI cables are most commonly used in office settings, hotel buildings, colleges and occasionally in homes as well. These HDMI cables are different to the ordinary ones as they are made to resist extreme temperatures. Before moving onto the plenum HDMI cables, here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding these cables.

What does Plenum mean?

“Plenum” or ‘” Plenum Space” is a space between the structural ceiling and the dropped ceiling. This part of a building facilitates air circulation for air conditioning and heating. The plenum has become an integral part in infrastructure of large buildings like offices, hospitals, hotels etc. People have started using this potential space as an opportunity to install electrical wiring. This space not only hides all the electrical cables but also makes the organization easy and simple.

What are the Plenum Rated HDMI cables?

A. HDMI Cables that can be laid in the plenum spaces of a building without getting damaged by the temperature of air conditioning and heating during air circulation are said to be Plenum Rated HDMI Cables.

How are Plenum HDMI cables made? And what makes them different from any ordinary HDMI Cable?

Plenum HDMI cables are jacketed with a fire-retardant plastic jacket. These plastic jackets are either made with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or Fluorinated ethylene polymer (FEP). Both of these are low smoke materials that can resist fire at high temperatures. Whereas, an ordinary HDMI cable lacks this unique feature and hence, cannot be installed in plenum spaces. Vanco 277125 is a high-speed HDMI cable that not only fulfills the standards of plenum-rated HDMI cables but also is one of the best on the list.

FireFold has a huge variety of Plenum HDMI cables ranging from the bandwidth of 10.2Gbps to 18GBps. These HDMI cables also come in different lengths giving users the luxury to choose one according to their needs. Some of these cables also support up to 8k resolution. All plenum-rated HDMI Cables at FireFold are gold plated and hence, can resist corrosion and damage to ensure a sturdy long-lasting experience.

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