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Open Frame Racks

Having multiple wires for network cables and connectors at work and at home can be messy. Network server racks make it easier and better in appearance. Firefold’s range of network server racks provides you with different mounting options in various sizes. Our best quality server racks are made of durable steel craft with a chromatic finish to add additional space for your storage. The chrome finishing helps in preventing corrosion in specifically necessary for networking systems. Our elite collection of racks has double grooves, allowing you to attach all the network enclosures simultaneously. The rack units are light-weighted, easier to be adjusted and efficient for organizing with rack mount cabinets. With our collection, you can add a minimalistic and organized place for your network systems. Explore our collection of modern and functional network server racks.

Wall Mount Rack

Our collection of wall mount rack is a perfect solution for small or home offices. This wall mount can flush mount equipment vertically or horizontally to the wall, adding space. With up to a 200lb load capacity, it can handle everything from switches and patch panels to heavy servers. Equipment mounted horizontally must be attached with two brackets so that there are four areas of support. The vertical wall mount rack works with standard 19" server, networking, and telecommunications equipment providing better network enclosure. The supported equipment is from Dell, HP, IBM, Apple, Sun, Intel, Cisco, Juniper, 3Com, and more. Our collection also provides installation hardware, sheetrock anchors, and cage nuts making installation easier.

Wall Mount Server Rack

Our collection of wall mount server racks is user-customizable ensuring that you get the best server equipment rack for your needs. These are built and configured your premium server rack to your exact specifications. Our collection has multiple options for front doors including solid steel, louvered, Plexiglas, perforated steel with Plexiglas insert. All doors are lockable and secure. The solid and removable side panels offer convenience. We also offer multiple rack mount power strips that require only 1U of rack space. An exhaust fan can also be added to any rack mount cabinet for ventilation.

Open Frame Server Rack

Our open frame server racks are tool-less and non-locking. The side panels come in 9 different sizes and are available as single units. This open frame rack stand has easier to install front and side panels. Our collection includes front covers in various sizes including 12U and 15U, adding to the efficiency of these network server racks. Explore our collection and find the server rack that meets your storage requirements.

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