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Light Switches

Light switch

Selecting a light switch can be tricky, considering the various factors that have to be given attention. The type of switch, its material, style and finish, the process of installation, configuration, and safety are all of immense importance. We, at Firefold, have ensured that all types of switches form part of our collection. Users can easily find the switch that suits their requirements. From basic options to designer switches and sockets, we have it all.

3-way switch wiring
If the basic light switch wiring doesn't work for users, they can go for the 3-way switch wiring wherein a single light and fan can be controlled via different switches. We have plenty of options for light switches with 3-way wiring, including the basic toggle ones and the decorative ones. These light switches are
· Made of high-quality and durable material
· Equipped with steel mounting strap
· Zinc plated for corrosion resistance
· Ensure the best flush alignment due to washer-type break-off plaster ear
· Easy to install with back and side wiring
· Provided with large head combination screws

3-way wireless light switch
These switches are convenient and affordable and can be operated remotely via a mobile app as well. They enable users to turn the lights on even before they reach their houses. We at Firefold ensure that users get the convenience they are looking for with the TP-Link HS210 KIT Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch, 3-Way Kit. This wireless light switch has the following features
· Easy installation due to detailed guidance provided by the manufacturer
· Remote operation and voice control
· Does not need a separate hub
· Is provided with the grouping feature

Double pole switch
This light switch is preferred by users as it offers more safety and is a better choice for isolating the circuit. The double light switch options that form part of our collection have the following features.
· They are provided with Off-On-On-On 3 position
· They have a brass finish with a rotary knob to ensure that they complement your interiors well
· High-quality and long-lasting

Switch plates
We don't just have the basic light switch wiring but also have multiple options for switch plates as well. These are designed with versatility and quality to ensure that they last long, are safe, and don't hamper your décor. The plates available at Firefold are
· High-quality
· Durable
· Decorative
· Easy to install
· Safe

Designer switches and a lot more
Our collection of light switches ranges from the basic one-way switch connection to the more advanced wireless options. Here, at Firefold, you can find a lamp cord with switch and decorative plates under the same roof. All these switches are high in quality and manufactured with safety in mind.
Our collection caters to varying requirements. Here, you will find the various types of light switches offering different functions with unique features and more. Find the light switch that works the best for your household or commercial setting here at Firefold and get the best quality with optimal convenience.
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