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Keystone Wall Plates

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These premium quality devices are used for industrial and commercial structures. Keystone wall plates serve the function of neatly and securely attach telecommunication cables to a junction or surface mount box into the drywall of a building. Keystone wall plates are designed to work with not one but multiple cabling solutions such as HDMI, optical fiber, twisted pair and others. The keystone wall plates are manufactured from premium quality plastic or steel for enhanced performance and a longevity. Here are some highly efficient ones you can look into.

What is a keystone jack and how it works

A female-type connector called a keystone jack is usually mounted onto a wall plate or a patch panel. These are mostly the snap-in kind and are available in multiple standardized shapes and sizes. This is used to help you mount cords and cables for various electronic devices with more ease and convenience. The most prominent and obvious benefit to keystone wall plates is the versatility and impressive flexibility.

Recessed keystone wall plate benefits:

If you do not like the look of jacks sticking out, this plate will help provide you with safe and concealed low-key access for telecom connectors. This type of keystone wall plate is designed for areas where you desire the structure to merge with the walls.

1 gang wall plate

The cables pass through a built-in wing of the keystone wall plates that then attach to the back of the drywall. Make wire management quick and easy by installing this device that allows up to six cables to pass through; saving you the time and effort of having to install corralling cables or wall connections while keeping the wall opening covered. The package offers one gang cable with a flexible opening.

Stainless steel keystone wall plate

This ICC stainless steel wall plate is the epitome of functionality and looks combined. The high-quality finish and scratch-resistant surface ensure a longer-lasting product. This Keystone wall plate 2-port is a great installation option as it is compatible with a wide range of keystone jacks. These keystone wall plates can be mounted onto any standard single gang outlet box.

Keystone decora wall plate insert

This is just the right option for you if you are looking to install a high-quality home theatre or gaming system. This keystone insert can easily be fixed into any standard decora-style wall plate. It is a key element to help the successful organization of your work and home cable systems and give a neater and clean outlook. Forget the worries and safety hazards of jumbled stacks of wires and include this easy to set-up keystone wall plates option for hassle-free installations.

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