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Keystone Jacks

Why Use Keystone Jacks?

Keystone jacks are extremely useful in data communications.

These connectors are usually manufactured in a standardized size for use in patch panels, surface mount boxes, and keystone wall plates. This means you get a universal fit across brands.

There are some variations, however, like high-density keystone jacks, which are designed to maximize space when working in a constrained area. These jacks allow you to fit more individual jacks into a single patch panel and are designed for use in high-density patch panels.

So, Why Use Keystone Jacks?

Keystones jacks are quite versatile and can be mounted easily into a wall plate. In fact, many different kinds of them can be combined into one keystone plate that has multiple ports. These wall plates can be customized for a wonderfully professional look in any home office or home theater room. They come in many different finishes and colors like gold-plated and black so that you can customize the room's look.

This versatility allows multiple configuration options in data centers and networks utilizing patch panels, as well.

They come in a wide variety of options, including Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A, HDMI, 3.5mm, RCA and more. This makes them ideal for home theater installations where multiple connections are required.

Keystone jacks provide a professional look that goes along with the neat end connection for all of the cables. A home network will not be lacking in professional appearance or safety with the use of keystone jacks.

Keystone jacks also leave room for future expansion. If you are planning on expanding your home network in the next few years, this type of jack allows you to do so safely and securely. The extra spaces in the wall plates save room without leaving an unsightly empty hole.

Keystone Jack FAQ

What is a Keystone Jack?

A keystone jack is a snap-in module used in keystone wall plates, patch panels, and surface mount boxes to customize available connections. These jacks come equipped with a variety of audio, video, and networking connections, as well as blank filler options to suit any installation.

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