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Home Theater Systems - Replacing The Bigger with the Mightier

It’s a dream that seldom gets satisfied unless you have the best option right in front of you. A Home theater system is the ultimate throne to catch if you are looking to tantalize your senses. Many factors come into play when deciding the best home entertainment systems that could do the purpose. They say it right! It’s the de facto procedure; you need to follow even if you don’t have to.

FireFold, an established extravaganza one could say, has a say in it. Keeping to the beats of the customers demands, since 2005, FireFold has a whole new approach to the world of home movie theater. Picking on the tiniest details of home theater system components, it has a lot to offer to its valued customers. Firefold being, one of the leading names in the industry has committed to its excellence through its high value, state of the art home theater systems projects for its diehard clients.

This collection offers all for all. The unlimited possibilities one could ensemble to get the finest home theater system experience of a lifetime. In this pool of home cinema system's basic components, you’ll surely find the most important components of home movie theater and reap the quality each one brings to the table.

Home movie Theater: Like the sound of it
One can’t beat the fact that a home movie theater needs proper analysis of the requirements and an impulsive attitude won’t serve the justice. There are a vast array of components that are tailored for specific need and purposes. One needs to research before jumping on the bandwagon of setting up a home theater system . You might consider buying a separate AV receiver and a set of speakers or go for all in one home theater systems or soundbar.

All in one home theater systems can have AV receivers/amplifiers and a set of surround speakers and subwoofers. This is a whole package and the components are made sure to be compatible with each other. In each home theater system the number of surround speakers depends on the layout, room size and personal needs satisfaction of course. Well, a simple amplifier and stereo would do the purpose of enjoying the music, but it’s all about the surround sound that beautifies the concept of home movie theater. In order to have the best home audio system; a necessity for a best home theater, you should be investing in a surround sound speaker system.

Then comes the soundbar, which is more of an integrated, compact approach, and bold addition to home theater systems. It has a multi channel amplifier and speakers built into it, at least the front left, right and the centre one. Although it may come with some extra surround speakers and subwoofers.

Home Entertainment System Accessories:
Identifying a high performance cable is easy, but is it the requirement as well? It’s not always that straight forward to choose. Home theater system setup can be confusing sometimes. There might arise a situation where the connection on your devices does not match.

Adaptors & Converters for best home theater setup
You could have an HDMI output port on your source device but not the TV or a Projector etc. Such cases could make use of adapters such as this one DVI to HDMI Adapter and many others that Firefold has in store. These help make connections between different port types and make your home entertainment system a success.

However in most home theater systems, the common problem is of the incompatible signal type between different devices i.e. a digital to analog conversion and vice versa, then a converter must be inserted in between to make the connection happen such as HDMI to VGA and VGA to HDMI. Keep in mind the direction in which the conversion should take place and buy that converter accordingly.

Home Audio System:
In order to have the best home audio system in place, the layout of the speakers in your home theater systems setup is of utmost importance. That, sometimes could require a long HDMI cable. However, the longer the requirement, it’s better to use extenders. What it does basically, it extends the HDMI signal many meters long away. Both cable and wireless Firefold HDMI extender options are available to be explored in this regard.

Sometimes wireless equipment can be impractical, but don’t know how to deal with the cable mess? Well, run them through the walls. This is where wall plates come into action. Firefold brings you the ultimate home theater systems 7.1 wall plate with an incredible decor sense.

Large home theater systems would require a splitter such as Firefold’s HDMI 2.0 splitter to split the display onto multiple screens. Such demand for multi screen displays could also require extenders and wall plates to bring forth the desired home audio system requirements.

Home Theater Cables:
Home theater HDMI video cables that are specifically designed to get you out of cable mess. Different cables for different connections, you wouldn’t want that. Well, the HDMI cable is all in one solution, adding to the aesthetics of a home theater system. A multi compatible, same wire for all of your connection needs, be that Blu- ray player, cable TV, games console or Netflix with your displaying device. HDMI transmits both digital video and audio signals of various formats depending upon the cable version. Here, you’ll find the various formats it supports.

Firefold has some finest home theater cables, HDMI category 2 cables, a Platinum, Version 1.4 and Version 1.5, capable of transmitting ultra HD 4k resolutions. These have the ARC capability and support up to 10.2 Gbps bandwidth and 340MHz refresh rate. Adding these to the deal will surely step up the game.

Best Home Theater Speaker Systems:
Home audio system needs to be perfect. Some of the best home theater speaker systems; wired and wireless combinations that one could ensemble are:
Home Theater System with wired speakers
Yamaha YHT-4950Uwired speakers model offers an AV receiver and a 5.1 surround sound system in a package. It has the inputs for HDMI cables and even has a bluetooth capability. Bluetooth home theater, sounds perfect, as you don’t need an AV receiver to stream your home audio & video files on your display device using this system. Next up model Yamaha YHT-5950U has a wireless home theater speakers package as well, if you are interested in no mess of wires and wish to have the best home theater experience too.
KLH Kendall 5.1 Speaker System is the best budget home theater system, again a wired one, but with it’s high end 3-way floorstanding speakers’ quality sound, surely makes it a best deal. It definitely gives a cinematic vibe to your home movie theater experience.

Best Home Theater Systems with wireless speakers
Sonos 5.1 Soundbar Surround Set is considered to be the smartest surround sound system out there. You get to control the soundbar and speakers through the sonos app.
Bose Soundbar 700 with Bass Module 700 is a 5.1 wireless surround sound speaker system. It is a style icon among the surround sound systems with an impeccable and fleek design. It comprises a fairly good number of HDMI input ports.

Whichever home theater system you wish to go ahead with, keep the process planned and logical. Take your time and understand the connection needs you might be having and buy the equipment with those specific & relevant ports. Such planning would lead to much less time and money being consumed on the setting up and accessories side.
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