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Fiber HDMI Cables

Slaying connections with fiber HDMI cables

Flaunting an unconventional way to hook up your decade-old media devices, fiber HDMI cable is the legit way to do it! A more compact and cleaner solution without compressing video and audio signals, fiber HDMI cables have become an electronic staple accenting their versatility and usability when it comes to transferring video and audio signals across the big screen without interference. Unlike standard HDMI cables, fiber optic HDMI cables are less prone to losses due to rugged fabrication compositing high-quality glass fiber for undistorted signal transmission.

If you are looking for a stable connection over 20 meters and beyond, FireFold offers one of the best fiber optic HDMI cables at cost-effective rates. The slim, easy-to-install Fiber HDMI cables support 18GBPS bandwidth up to an exponential distance of 1000ft without compromising the quality of visual images and audio signals that you receive over the high-speed HDMI cable. Moreover, our 8K HDMI fiber optic cables boast an advanced chipset that enables the fiber HDMI cable to send signals at 48GBPS for up to 40 meters, making it an ideal solution for long-distance HDMI connectivity.

Extended bandwidth for long-distance UHD

Boasting a new cutting technology, the newest and the most versatile version of active fiber optic HDMI cables are designed to cater to much higher bandwidth capabilities than standard copper HDMI cables available online. Meticulously designed for commercial, studio, and residential use, our hybrid fiber HDMI cables are thinner, lighter, and pliable than the traditional copper cables and can be easily cramped into spaces behind TV wall mounts, TV stands, desktops, and gaming consoles placed close to walls. In addition, they can support up to 32 uncompressed audio channels.

Our active fiber optic HDMI cables offer an innovative fiber and copper solution for extending high-speed video streaming and gaming experience featuring:

  • Best color depth, brightness, and visual accuracy
  • Reduced lag in comparison to standard copper cables
  • An easy plug-and-play solution. As no software installation, external power, multiple power chords, transmitters, receivers, and mounting solutions are needed to enjoy the seamless video and audio quality at lengths over 25 feet.
  • Ideal solution for wider applications including public security high definition monitoring systems, healthcare, transportation, and industrial automation systems where lag in signals or interruption can't be tolerated.

Smart connectivity for smart people

Fiber optic HDMI cables have become a buzzword in the tech circles…

Our 4K HDMI fiber optic cables maintain the encryption and authentication of the data during transmission, ensuring the signal transmitted is not tampered with as is received as sent. These fiber HDMI cables enable ultra-fast motion UHD images to be crisp and sharp, using multi-layer shielding to maintain full 4K @60Hz HDMI signal integrity.

For a simple play and plug experience, we offer one of the best optical HDMI cables featuring a single cable solution proffering combined high definition video and multi-channel digital audio signals.

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