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Fiber Optic Bulk Cable

Fiber optic cable (also known as optical fiber cable) is, undoubtedly, the backbone of the telecommunication industry. With the evolving technology and increase in the demand of high-speed connections especially over long distances, fiber optic bulk cable has become a reliable solution for all such requirements.

Offering significant improvement in terms of quality, speed and applications, these cables are easily a great alternative to the previously used copper wires. Due to their excellent long-distance coverage, fiber optic network cable is mostly bought in bulk.

How Fiber Optic Cable actually works

Fiber optic bulk cable basically works on the principle of total internal reflection. The two main components are the outer cladding and an inner core.

Cladding consists of a non-absorbent building material that functions as a wall for light to bounce off by its surface while its passing through the core. Non-absorbing cladding enables the fiber optic bulk cable to transmit signals at great distances with minimum losses.

Its core is made up of thin strands of glass (slightly thicker than the human hair) that carry communication signals by using the pulses of light generated by the small lasers or LEDs.

What are the different types of Fiber Optic bulk cable that can be used over long distances

There are mainly two types of fiber optic cable;

Bulk Single Mode fiber optic cable

As the name indicates, bulk single mode fiber optic cable has the ability to carry only a single mode of light. This eliminates the problem of dispersion which can occur when multiple modes of light pass together.

As there is minimal dispersion, they are perfect for long-distance large-scale operations and are preferred over the bulk multimode fiber optic cable. Simplex Drop OS2 SCP-EasyFiber is a top quality and reliable bulk single mode fiber optic cable that can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Bulk Multimode fiber optic cable

Bulk multimode fiber optic cable has a large core that conducts multiple paths of light. However, as mentioned earlier, these paths collide with each other when they are passing together which cause modal dispersion limiting their applications for longer distances. Therefore, unlike bulk single mode fiber optic cable, this cable is suitable for small operations like connections within a building.

The market is full of multiple brands that have started to make good quality fiber optic bulk cable and luckily almost all of them are available online at the Firefold store.

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