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Cat6A Patch Cables

FireFold's Cat6A patch cables are available in lengths from 1 to 100 feet and a wide assortment of colors. These cables are constructed of 100% pure bare copper wire with 50-micron gold plated contacts, ensuring maximum quality and years of unimpeded use.

The cat6a patch cables are designed specifically to meet and exceed the requirements for novel 10GBASE-T applications, aimed at helping you and your business achieve unrivaled high-performance, and ultimately comparable productivity and success. Being the structured cabling foundation of a fool-proof IT network, a Cat6a patch cable poses as the supporting infrastructure, much needed to transmit and receive large amounts of data, critical to your business.

Why Do You Need Them?

Based on your equipment requirements, budget, ease of installation and future upgrade considerations, Firefold offers ethernet network patch cables especially Cat6a patch cables, specifically procured from trusted brand names, known to have dedicated themselves to superior quality, appraised longevity and a value proposition of delivering an experience worth remembering.

The network patch cables are in fact, a quality check supporting aid for high-performance networks for function aptly and to their fullest, requiring a stringent system to have 10 to 100 megabytes per second transferred in about half a second over a distance of 100 meters. Additionally, the expertly designed Cat6a patch cable has an exemplary thicker sheath. It protects against Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT) and provides support against Alien Crosstalk (AXT), critical in networking.

Without Cat6a patch cables, the quality and quantity delivery balance seems unachievable. Today, with an increasing need for DIY endeavor support, networking enthusiasts and service industry leaders choose our award-winning merchandising of the top-notch, supremely qualified, and widely compatible Cat6a patch cables.

What We Offer

While embarking on a journey of making technology accessible and affordable, we pride ourselves on offering some of the very bestsellers of the industry. We have the Cat6a Shielded Patch Cables, especially great for premium connectivity that boosts performance but ensures safety and longevity. We also have the Cat6a Slim Cables, Cat6a 100 ft Cables, and the Cat6a Outdoor Cable, each designated a role to fulfill. Our offerings are rather noteworthy from fitting in small spaces and networking over longer distances to offering weatherproof support.

Category 6a Applications

Extensively tested and proven to have unmatched qualities, this category of patch cables is much what networks need today. Ethernet network patch cables are surely an indispensable and also pivotal part of any network. Especially unique in offering connections between switches and patch panels, the Cat6a patch cables have replaced older versions of cheap, poor-quality, and noncompliant cords that previously hindered networks and networking speeds. We bid on the Cat 6a Ethernet cable speed for we know what works for competitive businesses looking for competitive solutions. The Cat6a speed dictates their various applications owing to which, the category is enjoying unrivaled popularity and hence a position in the networking solutions like no other.

Explore Firefold’s selection of cat6a patch cables, and choose what suits your purpose at the most comparable price with the most premium after sales benefits. Dive in and start networking.

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