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Cat6A Bulk Cable

Cat6A Bulk Cable

The explosive growth in data center utilization has led to increased demand and usage of a 10G-based network. Cat6a cabling is specifically built for high-performance 10GbE or beyond. Cat6a bulk cable, also known as Cat6a cable, is the most popular Ethernet cable that meets and surpasses the requirements of the 10GBASET applications. Different cat6a ethernet cable kinds, such as UTP vs. SFTP, might confuse you when choosing cat 6a shielded cable? This article might help you make the right choice for the right bulk cat6a cable choice.

The Vertical Cable 064 Series Cat6A - 1000ft

The Cat6a bulk cable shielded twisted pair F/UTP cable offers a high-performance information communication cable suitable for high-speed 10Gbit applications. It is extremely attenuated, has great crosstalk properties, and is in line with TIA/EIA-568-C.2 specifications. The bulk cable is specifically intended to be used in both indoor and outdoor network installations. It is certified by ETL to be a type CMR. The wires measure 23 AWG in size and comprise pure copper conductors.

The color of the stripes can recognize the four pairs. Its insulation includes PE, as is the jacket made from PVC, while the cat6a plenum cable comes fitted with AL foil for shielding along with drain wire. The Cat 6a cable is available in a 1000 feet wooden spool. The length markings are placed on the jacket. The brand name for this item is Vertical Cable.

ICC Cable 650MHz CAT6A Bulk Cable

The CAT6A 10Gig FTP shielded cat6a solid cable offers a transmission speed over 650MHz and Alien Crosstalk specifications that exceed industry standards. It is also ETL verified to TIA-568-C.2 to support the 10Gig Ethernet applications (10GBASE-T). Best cat6a bulk cable is designed with a unique spline structure and is not concentric to reduce AXT from adjacent cables. This cabling is designed to support applications that require high bandwidth, such as data centers, as well as other applications that require data or backbone-related requirements. The Cat6a bulk cable is eligible for installation under the Lifetime ICC Certified Site Cabling Limited Warranty if used with ICC Certified installers (conditions apply). The cable is packaged on reels.

SCP 600 MHz CAT6A UTP - 1000 ft

Structured Cable Products Inc. ("SCP") is a world-class producer and distributor in low voltage cable and other accessories for commercial and residential installation A/V, Security Pro Satellite/ Cat6a bulk cable, as well as Data/Telecom markets. The HNCPROPLUS+ 6A cables from SCP are designed to be performance-optimized, featuring four twisted pairs that are balanced of 23 AWG conductors made of solid copper that have each pair of AL foiled shields.

The cables of the HNCPROPLUS+ 6A are made to form a circular and flexible cat6a outdoor cable, which allows for easy stripping and pulling from their Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jacket. Spools of 1000ft/305M Ice Blue LSZH Jacketed 6A HNCPROPLUS+ cables are available.


Before you decide on the best network cables, all aspects must be considered to ensure you can ensure that the Cat6a Ethernet cable you choose to purchase will be able to meet the requirements of your 10GBASE-T networks. As a cat6a bulk cable 1000 ft, it can offer speeds as high as 10 Gbps. While home networks aren't receiving these speeds, you don't have to be concerned about upgrading the cable once you can manage these speeds for our networks at home.

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