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Cat6 Keystone Jacks & Surface Mounts

Cat6 Keystone Jacks for High Speed Networks

Cat6 keystone jacks from FireFold exceed TIA/EIA 568-B industry standards. Choose from 110 style and toolless jacks and couplers. All are flame retardant and UL listed to ensure quality and safety. They come with snap in tabs for easy installation into wall plates, surface mounts, and patch panels.

How to Punch Down Cat6 Keystone Jacks

See our handy video below on how to punch down Cat6 keystone jacks for proper connections.

Everything you need to know about Cat6 Keystone Jacks and Surface Mounts

With all the latest advancement in technology, everything has gone online and you need phone and internet connectivity at every place at all times. If you are someone who wants their work station to be ready in every room of your house or at work, you need plethora of cabling and wiring far and wide. But you don’t need to sacrifice the neatness of a place for functionality. With Cat6 Keystone Jacks and Surface Mounts cables can be reduced and concealed at the same time, improving network management and aesthetics of your home and workplace.

What are Cat6 Keystone Jacks and Surface Mounts?

Female connector, rectangular modules, used to connect cables to outlets connection outlets in a patch panel or a wall plate, are known as keystone jacks. Keystone jacks come in different types for connecting networking or telephone cables, RCA cables/coaxial cables or HDMI and USB cables. They are mainly used in data communications or Local Area Networks (LANS). These jacks make places look cleaner and make it easier to connect your cables without hassle. Surface mounts or surface mount boxes are used to install outlets, switch or network fixtures anywhere you want. If you want your internet or network cabling to run along wall surfaces, surface mounts are your way to go!

Major uses of Cat6 Keystone Jacks and Surface Mounts

There are situations where you have no better solution than Cat6 keystone jacks and surface mounts:

At a recording studio

A recording studio is a cradle for cables. There is an overabundance of cords and cables at a recording studio. Cables are used to connect hardware, equalizers, amplifiers, instruments, headphones, sound modules, microphones, and any other audio hardware one can imagine. Studio engineers’ biggest dilemma is disconnecting and plugging wires at all times. You can see wires scattered on studio floors as if the rainy season has given birth to millions of worms and anyone can trip over these cables and damage the expensive equipment. On the other hand, if one makes use of Cat6 keystone jacks and surface mounts in their studio, the surface mount box will be sufficiently installed to walls and concealed in a professional manner and all the cables that are connecting hardware run to that surface mount cat6 keystone wall plate. The engineer can plug or unplug each cable while sitting in his chair without crawling and solving a puzzle of jumbled up cables. This results in a safe and neat studio making it easier for musicians to plug their instruments and other equipment.

At a Home Office

If you are found of working from home or you have a home office, consider yourself blessed as it is the era of keystone jacks and surface mounts. A home office has a necessity of having a computer, a television and a telephone and you need to connect all devices to a wall. If you directly connect these devices through the wall to a corresponding jack, the wires will be running on the floors or your work desk. This will look messy and will result in a tripping hazard. On the other hand, if you install a surface mount box directly behind your workstation/desk. The surface mount box will provide you with a cable jack for the television, a jack for your telephone cable and a Cat6 keystone jack for the internet connection. A single surface mount, which is only visible as a cat6 keystone wall plate behind your desk, will provide you a solution to plug in three cables at a time. This will help you prevent clutter and reduce the risk of stumbling, hence making your home office look more elegant and professional.

The Cat6 Keystone Jack

One of the most advanced and high performing jacks available in the market is the Cat6 keystone jack. The jack provides you with a solution to your office and home setting cabling without being too heavy on the pocket. The cat6 jack allows you to mount numerous different types of wires and cables running from equipment or electronic devices. The jack is also efficient in working with complex communication network cabling in offices including UTP Ethernet networks where you need a speedy signal transmission without a lag.

A cat6 keystone jack constitutes phosphor bronze contacts which have the capability of strain relief. The cat6 jack diffuses physical pressure on connections and is able to endure countless punches without breaking, due to its high grade punch down technology. The terminals of the cat6 jack strongly lock the cables and provide undisrupted signal transmission. The Cat6 keystone jack available at Firefold is constituted using 50 micro inch gold contacts that increase the strength of the jack and enhance conductivity. The Cat6 jack features a RJ45 plug and the inner wiring slots are in accordance with tool required termination. The keystone jacks for networking available on our online store come in 568A and 568B color codes. The Cat6 punch down comes with a 110 style termination which is used to terminate run of on-premises cabling in a structured cable system.

Easy Connectivity

The cat6 punch down is convenient and long lasting. You just need to snap the tabs in for installation of the jack. We provide you with a cat6 keystone coupler which enables you to link multiple networking cables together. With the use of a cat6 keystone coupler, it is easy to extend cable runs without disruption in performance or signal breakage.

A cat6 keystone wall plate allows you to have a connectivity for internet, telephone or other electronic cables in different rooms of your premises. A cat6 keystone wall plate maintains the neatness of your home while allowing you to plug your device wherever you are. It is not just the rooms where you can have a cat6 jack connectivity; you can also have the jack in your washroom or the kitchen, thanks to a waterproof cat6 connector that we are offering on our store.

The cat6 RJ45 jacks are 14.5mm wide and 16mm high that makes it easy to fit in most of the available standard keystone jack wall plates. We provide you with a 100% secure shopping facility, a 60-day money back guarantee and a 15-year warranty for our products.

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