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Cat6 Bulk Cable

Cat6 Bulk Cable

In the modern age of computers, the Cat-5 bulk cable that you had in the past might not be sufficient to meet the demands of modern technology. With the latest advances in technology, choosing a premium Ethernet cable that is more efficient than your older ethernet cables is possible. We have put together an inventory of top cat6 bulk cable available on the market to make it easier to shop.

Vextra Solid CMR Cat6 Cable - 1000ft

The Vextra VC64B sturdy CMR Cat6 bulk cable 1000 ft is ideal for home and commercial networking Internet, control and monitoring circuitry, as well as telephone lines. Conductors made of solid 23AWG copper and top-quality American-made construction ensure an uninterrupted connection each time. With speeds up to 500 millimeters per second and 550 MHz, Vextra Cat6 Patch Cat6 outdoor cable selections guarantee speed, flexibility, and shrewdness when you need these cables the most. The cables are constructed of four high-quality unshielded twisting cables of 24 AWG-stranded, unidirectional copper, bundled with the most sophisticated and robust PVC jacket.

Solid Plenum Cat6 Bulk Cable- 1000ft

The CAT6 Plenum (CMP) has 1000 feet of Pure copper conductors. The Cat6 solid cable enhances performance, increased bandwidth and flexibility. It comes with easy installation and is ideal for both kinds of residential and commercial networking. Cat6 bulk cable is safe for use indoors or outdoors. The jacket is resistant to fire and is available in various colors. It is ideal for routers, routers, network adapters and switches, DSL/modems, and hubs, as well as where you need to set up high-bandwidth as well as extreme and high-performance networking applications.

ICC 500Mhz Bulk Cat6 Outdoor Cable 1000 Ft

The Category 6 500MHz CMP/UTP from ICC Solid cables are made using the TIA 568-C.2 industry standard. They are UL certified and cUL-listed. Available in 1000-foot spools in a handy pull box that can be used as a dispenser and made by sequentially marking the footage of the outside jacket to allow for easy usage tracking. These cables are a cost-effective solution designed to give the highest performance required for today's high-end video, data, voice security, and voice applications, both in residential and commercial installations.

Vertical Cable Bundled Cat-6 Dual

Its CMXT Cat 6 unshielded (UTP) roll of cat6 cable is a high-performance data communications cable that is suitable for applications requiring high-speed data. It is extremely attenuated and has great crosstalk characteristics, and it exceeds TIA/EIA-568-C.2 specification. This Ethernet Cat6 plenum cable is specifically intended for direct burial in outdoors network installations. It is certified from ETL as type CMX. The wires measure 23 AWG in size and comprise bare copper conductors.

The color of the stripes can recognize the four pairs. The insulations are constructed of PE, and the jacket is constructed of UV-resistant LLDPE as well as the Cat6 bulk cable comes outfitted with a waterproof cover and drainage wire. The Cat 6 cable is available in 1,000 feet of wooden spools, and the sequential length markings are written on the jacket. The brand name for this item is Vertical Cat6 bulk cable shielded.


If you're familiar with networks, then you should be aware that wired connections are more efficient than wireless networks and come at an affordable price. This is the reason that Ethernet Cat6 bulk cable is a must. Ethernet is one of the best network cables is a low-cost, extremely efficient connection between networks.

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