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Cat5E Keystone Jacks & Surface Mounts

Cat5E Keystone Jacks for High Speed Networks

Cat5E keystone jacks from FireFold exceed TIA/EIA 568-B industry standards. Choose from 110 style and toolless jacks and couplers. All are flame retardant and UL listed to ensure quality and safety. They come with snap in tabs for easy installation into wall plates, surface mounts, and patch panels.

Check out the video below on how to punch down Cat5E keystone jacks for proper connections!

The Major Uses of Cat5E Keystone Jacks & Surface Mounts | Your Everyday Solution

Purchasing or ordering, everything has gone online with the advancement in technology. The digital era has made it a necessity to set up a flawless network at homes and in offices. Everyone dreams of a fast and uninterrupted connection that can keep them connected to the world 24/7. With everything going online, the network cabling and functionality should be perfect. The use of Cat5E Keystone Jacks and Surface Mounts are the perfect solutions for your networking needs.

What are Cat5E Keystone Jacks and Surface Mounts

Keystone Jacks are the most commonly used elements in networking. They are module connectors used for data communication and LAN cabling. These connectors connect electronic and electric devices to the network through cables. Keystone Jacks are female-type connectors that are mounted on surface mounts. Surface mounts are boxes or modules are multipurpose boxes with plug-in options for numerous network cables. These surface mounts use low voltage wall plates and are ideal for wall or furniture mounting. Now if we specifically talk about Cat5E keystone jacks which stands for Category 5 enhanced jacks, we realize that they are an improved version of the Cat5 (category 5) jacks. The Cat5E keystone jack is useful for both, commercial and domestic settings.

Cat5E Keystone Jack Is Strong and Long Lasting

The cat5E jack comes with a usual RJ-45 port which is a universal port. The production of the cat5e keystone jack is more convenient as you don’t need to replace the jack blades while switching from keystone jacks to patch panels. The cat5E jack has termination contacts produced using phosphor bronze which brings high strength and sturdiness to the jack. The strong termination contacts allow the jack to withstand multiple punch downs without disintegrating. The Cat5E keystone jack is much more durable than the older variants as it has a protective jacket made out of PVC on it. This makes them suitable to be used for a longer period of time. Another quality of the cat5e is that its internal cables are tightly twisted which increases its resistance to crosstalk or distortion of signals. The cat5e punch down is strong and keeps the cable intact strongly.

Your Solution to Everything Are the Cat5E Keystone Jacks and Surface Mounts

Whether you are setting up a network system at home, in office or at a recording studio, cat5e keystone jacks and surface mounts are your must-haves.

At Home:

Nowadays when your child is a gaming aficionado and wants his/her gaming console plugged to the television and to the internet so he can challenge his rivals all around the world, there is a higher chance of cables scattered everywhere. If you are a football fan or want to watch a cooking show on the kitchen shelf or while lying in the bathtub, you need connections – a lot of them! The only thing that can fulfill all these requirements are the Cat5e keystone jacks and surface mounts. A cat5e jack can help you have adnetwork anywhere you go in your home without compromising the neatness! Now you won’t stumble upon cables at home because a surface mount and keystone jack can give you a separate connection on every wall or piece of furniture.

At Home Office:

In the current situation when you cannot go to your office and you have to work from home, you need all the essentials at your home office. A home office needs a computer, a telephone connection, internet connection and also a television to keep you updated. This seems like a clutter of cables and wires but thanks to Cat5E keystone jacks and surface mounts, you can add multiple jacks to a cat5e keystone wall plate that can be mounted on your home office wall or your working desk. Cat5e keystone wall plate has jacks for multiple devices. You can use a cat5e keystone coupler if you want crystal clear video and voice calls with your office mates because couplers are typically engineered for that.

At a Recording Studio:

A recording studio has a plethora of cables lying all over the floor. Cables and chords are used to connect equipment and hardware with power and to the network. A studio engineer always wants the cables to be efficiently plugged and unplugged in time in order to run the operations smoothly. But if the wires are scattered and jumbled up, it would take years to figure out the particular jack and plug for a specific device. But if Cat5e keystone jacks and surface mounts are used in the studio, it would be easy to conceal cables and provide jacks at all stations and with the use of a cat5e keystone coupler and a wall plate you can eliminate the clutter. The cat5e jack comes in multiple colors so it is easier to figure out the specific jack for different devices. This would make a studio look neat and make it easier for the staff to plug and unplug their equipment efficiently.


The cat5e jack and cable are compatible with the older data and systems. The jack supports networks running up to 1 GB/ second which makes a huge difference in the transfers of data. The cat5e has a high bandwidth of 350 MHz which means it can transfer more data at a higher pace from one place to another.

The cat5e jack is a comparatively older technology but works great in all aspects. A cat5e has all the features of a new keystone jack. The lower price of these jacks make them pocket friendly and efficient. The cat5e punch down has 110 style termination used to avoid any run off in a structured cabling system. The cat5e jack available at Firefold are highly durable and are constituted with the best quality material. The gold contacts that are used in jacks make them strong and enhance their conductivity. We provide all required material for cabling, that is compatible with cat5e style jacks including vertical cables, couplers, mount boxes, junction boxes, and wall plates, on our store. The products available at Firefold are sold with a money back guarantee and a 15-year product guarantee, because we make relationships stronger!

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