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If you plan to use electronics, you’re going to need cables. There are many types of cables, including audio, video, computer, mobile, and networking. They’re available in a variety of lengths and sizes to fit your electronic needs. Cables are needed for audio and video applications, as well as for cameras, phones, tablets, computers, car electronics, GPS systems, and more.

Audio cables are a must for home theater systems, electric guitars, speakers, microphones, and audio recording purposes. Choose from analog, digital, and fiber-optic cables.

With TVs becoming more advanced, it’s important to choose the right video cable so you get the picture quality you desire and make the most of your TV’s capabilities. Coaxial, component, HDMI, and composite cables are available to transmit video and audio at high speeds.

You’ll notice that the back of your computer has many ports. That’s so you have outlets for cables to devices such as printers, monitors, external hard drives, and other accessories. There are many computer cables to fit your audio and video needs, and they come in various lengths.

Mobile devices also require the use of cables. iPhones and Android smartphones use cables for charging. If you want to transfer data to or from the device, there are USB cables for that purpose.

If you own a computer, you likely will need networking cables. These cables – which typically come in Category 5 or 6 – are used to connect printers and scanners, as well as hook up your computer to the Internet. Networking cables may be also used for telecommunications purposes, such as setting up a phone system in an office environment.

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