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C14 to C13 Power Cables

C14 TO C13 ower Cables

Introducing Firefold’s premium collection of C14 to C13 cables, where reliability meets innovation. These cables are the lifelines of any electronic ecosystem, enabling users to achieve seamless power transmission for a wide range of devices. Engineered with precision, these power supply cables combine robust construction with optimal conductivity to ensure uninterrupted signal transmission.

Whether you are looking for a monitor power cable, or a CPU power cable, or simply wanting to connect your other electronics, our C14 to C13 power cables will enhance your productivity reliably. Explore this collection to find the perfect solution for your power needs, where performance and durability unite in every cable we offer.

What is a C13 Power Cord?

A C13 power cord, also known as a "kettle cord" or "IEC C13" cable, is a common type of monitor power cable you’ll find attached to the back of your computer. They generally come in different lengths ranging from 6 to 25 feet, and also have a smaller plug diameter than C14 power cord. It features a standard C13 connector on one end, which typically plugs into the device, and a region-specific plug (e.g., NEMA 5-15 in North America) on the other end that inserts into a wall outlet or power strip.

What is a C14 Power Cord?

Advantages of C14 to C13 power cable

Engineering Excellence

At the heart of our C14 to C13 cable collection lies a commitment to engineering excellence. We've meticulously crafted each cable to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Our cables are constructed with superior materials and are rigorously tested to guarantee durability and optimal power transmission.


C13 to C14 power cord connectors are the cornerstones of versatile and dependable power connections in the tech world. Whether you're setting up a server rack, connecting your desktop computer, or powering a monitor, our collection has the right cable for the job.

Global Compatibility

In an interconnected world, regional differences in power outlets can be a challenge. The C14 to C13 cord collection takes this into account by offering various regional plug options, such as NEMA 5-15 for North America, Schuko for Europe, and BS 1363 for the UK. This global compatibility ensures that no matter where you are, our power cables can seamlessly connect your devices to the local power grid.


In an interconnected world, the C14 to C13 power cables stand as an essential component of your electronic ecosystem. These cables exemplify the fusion of reliability, versatility, and performance. Whether you are a professional managing complex server infrastructure or a home user seeking dependable power connections, Firefold’s collection offers the assurance of quality and versatility to meet your unique requirements. Empower your connections with the C14 to C13 cord collection, where engineering excellence meets the demands of the digital age.

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