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ICC Structured Cabling Solution

ICC specializes in manufacturing structured cabling products. The company was founded back in 1984 in California and has dominated the cabling market with its high-quality products ever since. The company provides ICC structured cabling solutions for small to mid-sized applications. Here at Firefold, you have access to buying high-quality ICC structured cabling solutions. FireFold has formed a team of over 30 technology experts, technicians, and installers. Firefolds' money-back guarantee policy and excellent customer service give the company an edge over other providers. So let's browse through some of the patch panel extensions, cross-connect patch panels, HDMI keystone jacks, fibre optic accessories and much more.

ICC structured cabling products

ICC manufactures structured cabling systems for voice, audio, data, video, and fiber-optic connectivity. Their products are in use in educational institutions, commercial enterprises, residential homes, etc. FireFold provides many ICC products, including keystone jack cat6, rj45 keystone jacks, ICC cat6 keystones, and more. Let's get into the nitty-gritty of ICC structured cabling solutions.

Cat 5e patch panel

The ICC patch panel is an economical solution that provides impressive performance in data networks. The Cat 5e patch panel offers terrific performance for data networks that need max speed and bandwidth. The product offers 110 IDC termination, which reduces installation time and comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Cat6 modular jack

The ICC Cat6 modular jack provides excellent reliability and performance. These jacks are easy to use, easy to terminate, and reduce work time. The cat6 modular jack is backward compatible with all lower-rated category components, and it supports Gigabit ethernet connections. The cat6 PCB technology provides exceptional signal quality like no other.

Cat6 rj45 keystone jack

The rj45 jack is an 8-position-8 conductor that supports Gigabit ethernet applications. It provides optimum signal quality with maximum headroom. There isn't much difference between cat 5 vs cat 6 connectors; they are both rj45 connectors with different specifications. The great thing with the cat6 rj45 keystone jack, though, is that it not only offers excellent signal quality but it also offers noise reduction features due to its near-end and far-end crosstalk cancellation and minimum return losses.

Cat6a shielded keystone jack

The Cat6a keystone jack and the cat6a shielded jack are unique products that provide excellent reliability and performance. However, Cat6a jacks support 10 Gigabit ethernet applications which make this keystone jack an ideal choice for use in today's high-speed networks. The crosstalk cancellation feature with the Cat6a shielded keystone jack reduces return loss and improves performance by rejecting unwanted signals. The keystone jack protects against electromagnetic interference, and the one-piece cap allows quick and easy termination.

So choose FireFold next time!

FireFold continues to spread its incredible legacy of excellent products and services to its customers. The company is known for its lifetime warranties, secure shopping experience, money-back guarantees and excellent customer service. FireFold is your trusted technology source that provides nothing but the best, so why the long wait? Get your hands on ICC structured cabling solutions now!

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