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Bergen Industries

Bergen Industries

Welcoming you to a house of perfect solutions, we at Firefold bring you answers to personal and commercial lighting equipment queries. As an authentic Bergen Industry products provider, we pride in the Bergen Temp LED selection that is known for its universal favorability as a temporary lighting source for construction, camping, hospital endeavors and medical emergencies. With ideal designs, suitable flattery and a much-required budget friendliness, Firefold offers a Bergen Temp LED variety that industrial reviewers swear by.
Our selection of Bergen Temp LED and supporting lighting equipment include Temp LEDs in various designs, Work Lights compatible with multiple industrial and personal utilization endeavors, String lights and extension cables.

The Bergen Temp LED varieties include 60w to 150w Temp LEDs. The most commonly purchased is the Bergen 100w LED, particularly favorable as a construction endeavor aid. Bergen’s construction string lights too offer ideal solutions to outdoor activities.
Characterized by commercial grade personal use LEDs and Work lights, Bergen brings lighting solutions that boast longevity. With an omni-directional luminaire, these ultimate waterproof, dust-proof, and anti-mosquito lights stand out. Apt for spaces with ceiling heights higher than 20 foot, the LEDs require no assembly so, you’re all set to start your action.
Available in 30W, 60W, 100W, and 150W; we bring you Bergen’s finest - all including stainless steel reinforced cages, heavy-duty carabiner hooks, daisy-chains, and power cords.

Supporting Equipment:
Bergen offers extension cables to support the lighting they bring you. One of our prized selections among them is the Bergen Triple Tap extension cords that flaunt a superior design, heavy-duty super flexible and durable utility and thermoplastic/vinyl construction with premium jacket for safety.
Additionally, Bergen Industries offer pre assembled whip kits to allow utility of multiple conductors for highly flexible conduit utility. Characterized by hassle-free hook ups, these supporting tools for Bergen Temp LED make a perfectly holistic aid and apt fit for your purpose.

Why Bergen?
Bergen’s Temp LEDs are superior to competitors when it comes to low profile, molding designs and ideal snap lock plastic caging for prioritized safety of use. With compatibility unmatched and voltage suitable for outdoor utility, these construction grade, highly rated lighting solutions make Bergen a name well-trusted.
All offerings including the Temp LEDs: Bergen Industries string lights, work lights and extension cables being weather resistant make them an appropriate investment.
With an expertise in gauging customer needs and accordingly aligning products with them, Firefold brings solutions that boost practicality and functionality. Upholding reputation and name in affordable solutions, we offer Bergen Temp LEDs at the most comparative prices, delivered at your doorstep.
Whether you’re searching for a mainstream work light, a temporary LED or an extension cable to make them function, our variety of Bergen industry string lights, and triple tap extension cords is all set to leave you satisfied.
Our award-winning service is worth experiencing. So, dive in for an exceptional blend of Bergen Temp LED experience and our customer service for an unmatched variety brought to your doorstep. Choose from an affordable range and maximize practicality.
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