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XBox One vs PS4: An In-depth Comparison
Microsoft and Sony have been competing for years in terms of which company will come out of the top with the most advanced gadget. It is, therefore, no surprise that XBox One and PlayStation 4 are perhaps the best game consoles currently in the market. Even the launch date of the gaming gadgets corresponds with the competition: When PS4 was released to the market on November 15, 2013, Microsoft followed suit and launched the XBox One on November 22, 2013. In both cases, the consoles are far much better than the previous versions.


The hardware is the most noticeable feature for both XBox One and PlayStation 4. The weight of a game console is significant to some buyers: XBox One weighs approximately 15.2 pounds while PlayStation 4 is a mere 9 pounds in total weight. Regardless of the size, both gaming consoles have almost the same quality of specs when it comes to hardware. Some of the notable features XBox One and PlayStation 4 share include 500GB hard drive, 8 core powered AMD C.P.U, Blu-ray optic drive, Ethernet and 8 GB worth of memory. The only slight difference in hardware specs between the two is the RAM: XBox One utilizes a DDR3 type of RAM and PlayStation 4 uses GDDR5 RAM.


If you’re searching for a high-end gaming console, you might concentrate more on the gamepads. The PlayStation 4 gamepad resembles the previous model of PlayStation 3 but it is slightly improved. The DualShock gamepad for PS4 has added features that include an inbuilt speaker, touchpad and a light bar, making the device very comfortable while playing. The XBox One gamepad also resembles its predecessors, though it offers better control than previous models. However, compared to XBox One, PS4 gamepads are easier to use mostly due to the added features.


The game resolution produced by both the Sony and Microsoft developed game consoles are hard to contrast as they are very similar. The graphic details are very distinct from other types of gaming platforms, plus the online connectivity is super fast. There are certain games that only require either XBox One or PlayStation 4 as a platform from which to be played. However, there are also games that are exclusive to either PS4 or XBox One. There is no doubt that XBox One and PlayStation 4 are the next generation game consoles. It is difficult to choose which is more superior than the other since both offer high-quality performance.
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