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Why Cheap Lightning Cables are Not Better
LGHT-3-WHT_image1Lightning cables have been in use for Apple products since 2012 with the introduction of the iPhone5. The cable is notable for its use of 8 pins instead of the old cable's thirty. This size difference allowed the cable to be reversible (it can be inserted with either side up) and also takes up a much smaller amount of space. Since iPhones are in use by a large portion of the population, lightning cables are necessary for many people in order to charge their mobile devices. The main perception as a drawback of lightning cables is that they are viewed as expensive. Depending on the length, they can be anywhere from $15 to $30. The price is discouraging to the average consumer due to the fact that cables are seen as mundane and ordinary. Consumers don't see a lightning cable as an impressive piece of hardware. On top of that, the average user usually prefers multiple cables for a multitude of devices or simply for portability, one for home and one on the road.

Valuable advantages of lightning cables

While sometimes there is no reason for the price difference other than the brand label the product comes with, the case is different with lightning cables. These little pieces of hardware should be seen as revolutionary. They manage to download and upload data at an extremely fast rate. They can charge a device and upload data at the same time, given that they are bidirectional. Finally-- most important for the average consumer-- there is no more clumsy fumbling with the cable as you attempt to plug in your phone. The cable is reversible for easy use.

Risks of cheap lightning cables

Given the functionality of the lightning cable, buying a cheaper cable comes with risks that probably are not apparent to the consumer. This is especially true because old iPhone cables don't seem to have much of a difference between the official, branded cables and off-brand cables. A lightning cable is different in that it is MFi certified, meaning it carries a chip direct from Apple that makes the cable work so well. When the consumer buys a cheaper cable, there is a risk that it does not contain this chip. Essentially, lightning cables that are not certified are just regular USB cables. The MFi certification guarantees all the speed and efficiency that one might expect. In the case of buying these particular cables, buying a cheaper cable means buying less of the product. It would be in the consumer's best interest, in this case, to go with the higher price if only to save his or her wallet in the long run. Buying a cheaper cable that could be faulty or potentially damage your device will be much more expensive. It is best to pay the official price tag and be safe. Rest assured there will be no disappointment with the quality!  

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