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What's the Difference Between 3g and 4g?
Do you know what the difference is between 3G and 4G? If not, don’t worry! There are so many others who don’t understand this technology either. We want to try and change that. First of all, you should know that a 3G internet connection is considered to be popular across the entire world. Most of the places in the world have access to 3G network connection. This enables tablet, laptop, and Smartphone operators to take advantage of the internet with a faster speed. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets which have recently been launched have a built-in 3G network. In addition, as soon as it is in any 3G hotspot, the device can connect instantly. 3G connection is just an improvement from 2G which is known to have a slower internet speed when compared. Currently, 4G network is available in most of the countries and it is seen as the next amazing thing in the field of wireless technology. So, the main question is what is the difference between 3G and 4G?


4G network has a faster internet speed when compared to that of 3G. 3G network offers a faster download speed when compared with that of 2G. But naturally, 4G is quicker. For instance, when a large video is being streamed online, it takes a shorter time on 4G when compared to that of 3G.

Surfing the web and streaming videos

Whenever a tablet or a Smartphone connects to a 4G network, it actually handles more data when compared to 3G. Although the 4G mobile companies are expected to set their own limits specifically on how much data can be downloaded, so it is bound to be even more than what 3G normally offer. Also, if a Smartphone is used to download video and surf many websites at the same time, then it can cope with doing so.

Limited reach currently

Most of the cities and towns across the world do not currently have a 3G type of reach. For example, in the UK, there are some known areas which do not have a 3G network. However, more masts are currently being built to increase the number of smartphones, laptops, and tablets that are able to connect to a 3G reach. In conclusion, most of the countries in the world will soon have a 4G network to keep up with technology. The fact remains that 3G still offers a lot of benefits. Many people have relied on a 3G network to conduct business online, communicate, and play games. A 4G network will make those activities even easier!
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