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What to Consider When Buying a TV Mount
What to Consider When Buying a TV Mount There is nothing more space saving than a wall mounted television. The technology that makes flat screen units affordable, so that practically every home has one now, has also made wall mounting them a much better option than a regular TV stand. Not only does this look more aesthetically pleasing, but the quality of viewing is improved. No one is missing the old days of clunky tube televisions that took up loads of space. Most of the time you needed a large TV unit to house your monstrous sized television. Not anymore with the high-quality thinner flat screens that are a space saving dream. One thing to consider is a perfect wall mount. Here are some great tips on what to consider when buying a tv mount.

The Location Is Key

Where you decide to put the wall mounted television is something to consider carefully. Do you want it to be a showpiece? Above the fireplace? Or in another location that makes it the focal point of the room? If you do end up putting it over the fireplace, you do need to purchase a cooling fan for the television to make sure that it does not overheat if you have a fire roaring. Also, the type of material you are mounting it to does matter for installation. For example, it is easier to mount it to a standard wall rather than a brick one. If you are doing it yourself, you will need a stud finder to determine where to mount it on the wall. For a brick wall, it can be done, but you might need a more specialized wall mount.

Decide Between a Stationary Mount and a Swing Arm

Do you want the flexibility to move the television so that you can see it from different points in the room? This might be an option if you have a “great room” that runs into the kitchen with no division. That way the person who is working in the kitchen can pull the swing arm out to angle it towards where they are cooking dinner. This will not matter so much if the room is smaller such as a bedroom, where you’ll only be watching it from one vantage point like the bed. That way you do not have to move it at all, and a stationary mount is preferable.

Make Sure The Cables Are Hidden

This is probably the number one decor solution that people are worried about. If you want the cords to be hidden then it is probably best to get it professionally installed. Many of the big box electronic stores that sell the mounts and television have installation people that will come out to your house. Sometimes this service is included if you buy an expensive enough television. You might have to pay extra if it is a smaller flat screen. Depending on where your cable television is running might have an impact on where the television will go. If you want it in a new spot where the cable is not currently running, you might have to call your cable company to have their technicians come out to place new lines in your home. That usually won’t charge for this as part of their service to you.

For The Ultimate Mount Choose This One

An articulating mount is one that offers the most in flexibility and movement. This mount can tilt, swivel, swing, and lay flat against the wall if you need it to. It does it all! Of course, this type of mount is more expensive than a regular swing arm, or flat mount. It is worth it though if you enjoy moving it to all different vantage points. Keep in mind that most of the flat screen televisions that you buy that are not going to come with any mount, so factor in the cost of a wall mount when you are purchasing your television. Most of them cost between $100-$250 dollars depending on the type of mount, and how big your flatscreen is in size. The bigger the tv, the more expensive the mount. You also don’t want to go with the cheapest mount on the market because you want something high quality holding your tv to the wall.  

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