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What is Redmere HDMI?

RedMere HDMI Cables

FireFold announces the addition of Redmere® HDMI Cables from Vanco to the FireFold product line. These High-Speed HDMI cables feature the unique Redmere HDMI chip which allows longer transmission ranges over thinner cables. The 100% pure copper conductors start at 36AWG for a 12-foot cable and expand to 24AWG on a 100-foot cable. The thinner cables are more pliable and easy to manipulate than most standard HDMI cables.

What is Redmere?

So what is redmere HDMI? According to Redmere, their technology enables 80% less use of Earth’s resources. Vanco Redmere HDMI cables 20 feet and longer are CL3 rated for in-wall installations. They feature the most current HDMI specifications, manufactured with Ethernet channels, Audio Return Channels, and are 3D Ready. They support Ultra HD resolutions up to 4Kx2K, which is the highest High Definition resolution available today. Vanco is a time-tested brand with long-standing availability at FireFold. The Vanco product line includes HDMI cables, switches, splitters, home theater wall plates, and many more devices to make technology easy, convenient, and reliable.
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