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Welcome back, Gaming!
If you missed our gaming selection, the good news is we're bringing it back and bringing it back with a venegeance! This week, we launched a new and improved gaming category with accessories for consoles like Xbox One, PS4, Wii, and more! One of the most visual brands in our gaming resurrection is dreamGear. dreamGear is a veteran in the video game industry, having been around since 2002 when they started out with just two employees and a small storefront. They've been providing high quality, innovating gaming accessories ever since. Today, their 55 employees work from a 60,000 square foot warehouse. FireFold is an authorized reseller of the dreamGear brand. Here are a few top dreamGear products you can buy at today!

dreamGear Gaming Accessories

1. dreamGEAR DGXB1-6601 USB Hub for Xbox One $21.99
This USB Hub allows you to add 4 additional USB ports to your Xbox One for expanded gaming capabilities and a true multi-player experience.  

2. dreamGEAR DGPS4-6409 Broadcaster Headset for Playstation 4 $18.99
The adjustable Broadcaster Headset for PS4 features inline volume and mute controls and a boom microphone with an adjustable, rotating arm. It connects directly to your DualShock 4 controller.  

Eliminate charging guesswork with this 10ft LED charge cable. The indicator glows red while it is charging and turns blue when fully charged.
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