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Ways to Increase iPhone Battery Life
Having a smartphone is one of the most wonderful feelings for not only technology enthusiasts but also average users, as well. Battery technology is improving, but in spite of that, battery life is still a challenge to every high-tech smartphone owner. With the evolution of software and apps, batteries are drained faster than can be anticipated. Remember that slim is the new thing. iPhones keep getting thinner in design with every generation released, meaning the space allocated for the battery is limited. However, as an iPhone lover, don’t be alarmed! There are tips to help you improve your battery life by between 15 to 30% or even more and still be able to maximize its use.

Minimize display brightness

The brighter the display is, the faster the battery is drained. By making it dimmer, you can still make the most of it. In fact, turn on the Auto-Brightness functionality since iPhone has an ambient light sensor capable of detecting and adjusting the light in the surroundings.

Turn off Bluetooth

As much as Bluetooth is vital for wireless headsets or data transfer, it drains the battery life faster. Turning it off when not in use will improve your iPhone’s battery life.

Turn off LTE/4G

LTE or 4G arguably offers the fastest data connectivity. Everybody loves faster browsing and good call quality that comes with it. However, this consequently drains your iPhone battery faster. This will enable you to still use the older, slower connectivity that may be painstakingly slow, but it improves your standby time.

Manually fetch emails

Push emails capability is one of the core reasons why people prefer smartphones, particularly iPhones. The fact that the phone refreshes frequently to obtain emails drains the battery. You can compromise this feature by manually fetching the emails.

Turn off WiFi

Just like the LTE network, WiFi offers high-speed data connectivity. In fact, depending on the location of the hotspot, this could be faster than LTE and as such you wouldn’t want to ignore it. This kills your iPhone battery life. In case you’re not using it at the moment, turn it off to avoid background scanning for hotspots.

Turn off Location Services

iPhones are notorious for numerous Locations options and apps that require it. GPS services require much data which directly has a bearing on the battery life. You can either turn it off completely or disable it on individual apps.

Turn off unnecessary notifications

Notifications are important for some functionality such as calls, messages and reminders. And while other apps for chat or social media also have notifications, it's wise to consider disabling most unnecessary ones especially alert sounds and vibration options. Of course, this all depends on what you don’t want to miss! Remember that there are so many tips and tricks to improve your iPhone’s standby time and save you the agony of charging it a couple of times or more daily on heavy use. But whatever options you take, it should not hinder your phone's performance and functionality.
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